Winter Beauty: Purse Essentials

I love winter for its grey/blue/white monochrome background and for its long cowl neck sweaters and thick wool scarves to battle the wild weather.

It’s officially “cold as balls” outside and even though we are technically still in Fall I feel like Winter is Here. And she’s here to stay! *snap and a twist. So that means I need to prepare my purse for war and bundle up with some of my favorite winter goodies. Keep on reading if you want the low-down on how I stay warm, cute and hydrated during these cold weather seasons.

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Teacup: Amareto Cereza Review

Here’s the scoop

Amareto Cereza “Cherry Amaretto” by Teacup was introduced to me by my friend, Cristina. Who is also a lover of all things tea and coffee. SIDE-NOTE: I think because of her I am getting more into the coffee scene, but before you start jumping for joy I am SLOWLY jumping onto the coffee train.

I have no wish to abandon my tea addiction anytime soon!

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Up for the Challenge

Hey beautiful people! Since I have a bit of free time and honestly because I kind of miss writing, I have decided to purpose a small challenge for myself that will be to write something every day no matter if it is something short, but to physically (or electronically) write. *SIDENOTE: Isn’t it such a beautiful craft when someone can write and actually express their feelings and sentiments through words? At least, in my opinion, it is; if someone knows how to write they can properly illustrate their personal ideas and emotions and share an experience with others.

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Doris Diaries: What’s Good Fall

Welcome December, I’ve been expecting you!

Can we just take a minute to Hip Hip Hooray for spiced teas, hot cider, scarves and sweater season? Please tell me my excitement has jumped through your screen and hugged you tightly! I am saying my last goodbyes to my ankles and neck, as they will be in hibernation for the next four to five months. I hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave.

Over the last previous weeks,

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Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing

If you have been following through the crazy world of Sincerely Doris (IG Stories) then the I FEMME project is nothing new to you. If this is your first visit to the page…Welcome and I would recommend you check out my earlier post UPDATED: SLAY FOR CHARITIES SAKE I speaking about this project. *Plus you get to see the behind the scene action!

This November 16th was the official launch of I FEMME an art exhibition that presented its first collection of portraits with the intentions to raise funds to support the education of women under privileged. The event included tons of fun surprises from Founders Viet Ha Tran and Tetyana Kretova. Here is how they collectively explained the project:

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My 1st Liebster Award

Wow! And just like that, one full year of blogging under my belt and the surprises just don’t stop coming. I ain’t mad at that! So, of course, I was beyond flattered when the beautiful Briana from My Spirited Lifestyle nominated Sincerely Doris for the Liebster Award. Woo Hoo! Please check out Briana’s Liebster Award post. She is super sweet and this post lets you get to know her a little bit more. 

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365 days of Sincerely Doris

One Year in the Making

Exactly one year ago I was looking for new personal endeavors and debating with my Zambian bestfriend on whether I should take the leap and create a blog. *SIDENOTE: I feel everyone in the world deserve such a loving and nurturing friend like my Siobhain. She’s really a behind the scenes MVP on encouraging my passion to start a blog. Thus, I am thrilled to be celebrating my 1st-year blogiversary on our soon to come Croatia girls trip cruise.

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Tea Shop: Wild Peach Review

Here’s the scoop

While returning back to Pamplona, to celebrate the last days of San Fermines (the Running of the Bulls). If you are new to the running of the bulls check out my post on it HERE. I noticed that I was super dehydrated from all the heat, sun and who am I kidding drinking. I didn’t want to make a hot tea obviously but I didn’t want the character taste of a tea so I opted for a new herbal tea to “quench” my thirst.

Why Wild Peach? 

I heard about this blend from a friend at work, and I had purchased it a few month ago but never got around to actually making it. Plus, I took advantage of the fact that somehow the packed found its way into my luggage and “badda boom, badda bing” here we are.

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Slay for Charities Sake I

It was supposed to be a normal day of meetings with my executive director, preparing for next year’s intake and a bunch of other administrative tasks. However, a friendly email changed all of that in a matter of minutes. *SIDE NOTE: Isn’t it amazing how one little gesture can transform your day into the best one possible or the worst experience ever.

Today the sun was a little bit brighter…

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