Happy Birthday to ME!

I can’t believe we are back here again, but I am super excited! I am not one to overly celebrate my birthday, however I do set aside a special routine of events on my birthday to celebrate and pamper myself. My birthday is a reminder of the new person l have become thanks to the year of events that l have surpassed.

img_0328Good Morning Birthday Girl

The morning of my special day I dedicate to myself; with my favorite breakfast and little physical activities to energise my body and spirit. This year I brought in my morning with my Double Green Matcha Tea with a splash of coconut milk and a very yummy overnight chia seed pudding with berries and bananas. After breakfast I went to my favorite Ashtanga Yoga session with Carlos. Who doesn’t like a good sweat, while creating a positive energy? To bring in my birthday. Of Course!

Apart from my morning ritual, I enjoy spending the rest of my day being surrounded by family and a few of my closest friends. Almost always in an intimate setting like a private dinner or brunch type event. This is because I LOVE to eat. What better place to enjoy someones company than being surround by good food?

img_0325Personal Reflections of 2015

At some point of the day, I like to reflect on my own personal growth, physical improvements and achievements made in the prior year. This gives me a moment to appreciate all of the progress l have made. Which helps me in creating a new list of goals, challenges and personal achievements to accomplish in the year to come.

How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you- Rupi Kaur

Celebrating You!

So enough about me. When was the last time you did something just for you? It is very important, that we all set aside time for ourselves; to experience life and put our needs first. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy. We’ve all been there and set goals that we never reach. However the moment you realize that life is a work in process and thought its though ups and downs it’s the baby steps that count. Use every chance you have to accomplish small personal goals that will result to a big change at the end.

Have patience and of all else faith in yourself!

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    1. Gracias…Mejor tarde que nunca. ¡¡¡Jajajaja qué linda!!! Soy la típica de las caras raras; siempre dan un poco más de vida a las fotos. ¿No? 🙂

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