Spring has Sprung in Goldáraz

This weekend I had the opportunity to discover the small village of Goldáraz (Goldaratz in Euskera) that is comfortably tucked away in the middle of the Pyrenean mountains. Located in the northern tip of Spain, Goldáraz can be found roughly 30 kms from the city of Pamplona in the community of Navarra.


Hidden Vally

Upon arrival, the village greets you with the sweet smell of Rosemary, the sound of birds chirping and crickets singing. Goldáraz with a tiny population of 35 habitants can be explored in less than 20 mins walking distance. The views at this high altitude will leave you more than satisfied for making the trip.

Foodie at heart

The reason for the this week’s adventure is thanks to another one of my many food escapades. I am a girl who LOVES to eat,   Dinning in the very well-known Restaurant “Casa Etxeberri”, known for their delicious and hearty portions of typical Navarran and Basque dishes. You can also repeat any of the dishes served as many times as you wish, no strings attached. One of my personal favourites is the dessert “Goxua” which I repeated twice along with a side of “cuajada”(curd pudding). Unfortunately my camera died prior to the dinning experience…I know, I know please find it in your heart to forgive me for the absence of food photos.

IMG_3733.JPGYou had me at Hello

During my time living in Spain, I am still always amazed by the simplistic beauty of small villages. Goldáraz is the typical yet magical village you imagine as a child with secret floral passageways, happy animals grazing in the distance and age-old structures that gives a certain charm to the town.

We never noticed the beauty because we were to busy trying to create it -Anonymous

Are you taking advantage of your life?

When was the last time you actually connected with nature and appreciated life? Once you can humble yourself to this question; That will be the moment you realize how much you truly have to live for. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and enjoy our surroundings. The most important lessons in life are sometimes the most simple…Breath, live in the moment and make it beautiful.


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    1. It was so beautiful there. Where is home for you? I would love to hear about it on your blog AND see the beautiful pictures?.

      If you already have it up on your blog, let me know the title. Have a great weekend!

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