How to Rock Your 1st OCR: Farinato Race Pamplona

This is Sparta!

Today was the day…Farinato Race Pamplona. Four friends and myself decided to present ourselves as a team “Los Antonios)” to indulge in this great obstacle course race putting our physical fitness to the test, as well as creating new challenges and achievements for ourselves. The battle of Pamplona was fought between the Arga River and the city’s historial walls, resulting in an epic environment.


But enough of the sweet talk… let’s get down and dirty on what the Farinate Race actually is: While each course is set up differently, the race was about +7 kms and had +20 obstacles. Participants don’t receive a course map before the race, so you have to be prepared for anything. In this course you can find fire, water, and barbed wire among some of the obstacles and the race finishes with a leap over a pit of flames. Sounds fun right? It actually is VERY fun…don’t let the kilometres or obstacles shy you away. Everyone in the race motivates one another and is more than willing to offer a helping hand.


So what’s the deal on OCR

My personal experience through this obstacle course race was more mentally challenging than physically. One minute your swimming in the Arga river against the current, next jumping log to log, then your carrying tires uphill, to climbing up ropes and so on. It’s an ever-changing environment, at such a fast past, that mentally you do not have time to prepare how to overcome certain obstacles. In moments like this, you basically have to motivate yourself (and teammates) to just go for it. It’s a very rewarding feeling crossing the line and finishing all the obstacles in which you thought would hold you back.

The voice inside your head that says you can’t do this is a liar -Anonymous

For real, tho?

I would defiantly recommend this race 100% to anyone looking for a new challenge that throws you out of your comfort zone as well as something different from your “normal” routine. All finishers of the race receive a Farinato metal as well as a Farinato battle shirt. The only downfall of the Farinato Race is that after paying a hefty registration fee the organisation then charges members to pay for their photos via their website. However, it is pretty easy to find other top photographers who post high quality photos of the race, just do an Instagram hostage search and Voila!

Thinking about competing in the Farinato Race

The race is known as much for the difficulty of its terrain as it is for its obstacles. Don’t plan on walking away unscathed, though: by the end of this race you’ll be covered in water, mud and light scars from head to toe.

What to Pack

Here’s what to bring so you can comfortably celebrate your victory:

  • A full change of clothes; nothing is better than dry clean clothes…clean socks and shoes or sandals after this muddy wet race.  Plus there are normally showers for you to get cleaned up, but don’t expect anything lush.
  • A towel; for showering or even as a coverup to change into your clean clothes
  • Plastic bags; for dirty clothing and shoes
  • Bottle of water, Fruit and a Snack (high in protein-carb); after blasting so many calories your body will need nourishment for recovery
  • Cash; for any emergency items or race merchandising

img_4102Please tell me someone out there, reading this is going to try an OCR… I really hope you guys give it a go! This style of race was on my goals for 2015, but it ended up getting cancelled. Boo! I was so scared prior thinking I would be to weak for all of the obstacles but I surprised myself and was able to do EVERYTHING…Woo Hoo! I am sure if you put your mind to it YOU could be the next success story. Are you with me?

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    1. Thank you so much! You’re such a doll. I hope we can grow together and even motivate one other. You already know I’m following your blog and IG so keep up the great work and let’s get it.

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