Creating a New Life Abroad

It’s hard to believe that seven years ago I arrived to Pamplona Spain after a gruelling fifteen-hour flight from Pittsburgh to Pamplona with three transfers in what felt like basically every part of the world. I had no friends, no family nor any type of contact in Spain. I couldn’t even speak a proper sentence of Spanish, at that time.

If you would have asked me years prior if I could see myself moving or even living abroad. I would have told you a defiant “No”. I love to travel but living abroad was not on my agenda. Plus, out of all of the places in the world, I would not have chosen Spain. However, after long chats and research with my best-friend/roomie Jordan, 3 months of searching for independent study abroad programs, more than 20 trips to my universities International Education department and a serious case of Euro-fever; my new travel dream was coming into effect.

My first taste of Spain

Began with my student exchange program in Pamplona Spain. Where, I completed my third year of Business Administration at the Universidad Pública de Navarra for a year. I met tons of new international people, had a wonderful Host Family, I travelled across Europe and even learned a bit of Euskera (a language spoken in the North of Spain and South of France). That experience turned into me returning to the states (finishing my Bachelors degree) and basically buying my returning ticket back to Europe. I just couldn’t get enough of my new-found country, giving everything up to escape the American Dream and create my own.



Fast Forward to Today

Now years later, I have various Spanish cities under my belt. I can proudly confess that I have been adopted by two Spanish families, I have gained so many valuable years of experience in the Spanish Technological market, my Spanish has sky rocketed through the roof and most importantly I finally feel at home in this gorgeous country.

The hardest part of this decision was leaving my life in the US (family, friends, a great job and my apartment) to pursue a dream of a successful life in a new country (and new language) all on my own two feet! It is very rewarding to know that I came to Spain with next to nothing and now I am enriched with new friends, family, memories, travelling tales and so much more.

At the end of the day, I can’t think of anywhere else I´d rather be than here in this moment. No regrets!



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  1. Doris you’ve always been a free spirit! Living abroad and assimilating to another country’s culture, values, and norms is amazing. I’m proud of what you’re doing with Sincerely Doris. I look forward to reading your weekly post. I’m your #1 fan! Love you Sissy?

    1. Nisy your comment brighten my day. Love you to the moon and back. You of all people know my personal struggles and it’s so beautiful that you enjoy and can appreciate this new chapter in my crazy world. Un Beso enorme hermana!

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