Sincerely Me A New Way of Life: Changing Your Perspective

Welcome to my new Sincerely Me A New Way of Life mini series. How many of us want to improve our quality of life, but we associated it with some type of suffering, sacrificing, or just plain laziness? I DID until…

I discover that living the life I want is just a matter of tweaking and updating a few of my old habits. Yes, it’s just that simple. Hence the reason why, today and once every month I want to share with you the 411 on what I do AND what you could do to get your life On & Poppin. Let’s begin by focusing on changing your perspective.4

Brush off the Negativity

Block the haters and their negativity. Even if that means drowning out your own self provoked negativity. That little voice in your head can be your biggest critic. I found this to be true while I experienced by first lay off from a company. I felt very depressed, lost and worthless. However, turning my unemployment into a positive; I had more time to do the things l loved with the people I care about. You only live once and you don’t want to be stressed out by things that are completely out of your control. So smile, learn your lesson and goin’ brush your shoulders off! lol

Try Try & Try Again

It’s normal to have small hiccups of despair, but what I want you to take away from this text is that we all are dealing with our own internal demons and obstacles. It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. You have the choice to view those moments as opportunities for personal growth and experience. Or, you can sink into a downward spiral of grief that consumes you and your potential blessings. We don’t have time for pity parties… so adversity don’t kill my vibe.

grassFocus on the Good

It is just as easy as it sounds. Even when you are feeling down in the dumps, there are always positive aspects out there to bring you up to spirit. Lean on your friends, family and significant other for moral support and don’t forget these people are great resources to help you bounce back and see the good in the world.

Be a Positive Believer

What are you telling yourself, about how you deal with obstacles in your life? Your reality will become whatever you believe it to be. If you believe the world is against you- that will be true for you. However, if you believe that success will happen once you have improved your current self that will also be true for you. It’s just a matter of what you see and intrepid on the other side of the mirror.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you take one piece of advice from today and use it to help you in those moments you feel down in the dumps. Have a killer week!

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  1. So many great points in the post! I loved the line “Your reality will become whatever you believe it to be”. This is such a powerful statement and so true! If you stay positive, positive things will come your way!

    1. Amen Stephanie! I am such a firm believe of the law of attraction and positive always attracts a positive reaction. The universe KNOWS!!! lol Thanks for visiting gorgeous and have a wonderful week 🙂

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