I think in general, we as human beings, spend so much time judging and criticising ourselves. Thinking we need to be like “this” or like “that” rather than taking the time to appreciate ourselves; for who we really are and the beautiful things we can do and create.

The Awakening

Your biggest enemy lives inside of you.

The other day, I was reading a post from one of my favourite bloggers Necole Kane that expressed her personal feelings on still trying to figure things out; even though society tells us we should “already have it all together”. Once we have passed a certain dawning age, people begin to wonder “What is wrong with you” or that you are not efficiently arriving to where you need to be; married, with kids, a house, a great career (you fill in the blank).

After seeing this post and how Necole showed a more vulnerable side of herself. It gave me the courage and motivation to dig deep into myself and take a few minutes to re-evaluate my purpose, discover what is really important to me and challenge society’s picture of how I should live my life. I can honestly say that all I want are the simple things in life: to be happy, to create the best possible version of myself and to do things that I actually enjoy. No amount of money or success can buy that type of happiness.

So, thank you Necole! Your post helped me to be honest with myself in a world where vulnerability is not socially accepted and where we always have to be strong and keeping it together but sometimes you just can’t hold this stuff in and THAT… is the beautiful part of being human.


Finding My Voice

When I was younger, I loved to mingle, make new friends and just talk to everyone. I was a social butterfly (still am). However, I was always very self-conscious about myself due to the lack of voice I had in my household and the personal experiences that I endured as a child. This is why I loved to escape my home life by meeting new people who did not know my story.

While playing sports and extracurricular activities, I could lose myself without having to reveal grand details about who I was. During that time, I had a great fear of what people would think of me if I was my “real” self. Thus why I created a sentimental wall where I never demonstrated my feelings and never really opened up to people about my own personal problems. Some could say I didn’t want to be considered “weak”. This lead to me having many friends but I had a lot of empty feelings of “do people really know me?”; “do they even care?” and friendships/relationships that never really completed me.


The Calm after the Storm

“In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.”-Anonymous

Through the years, I have learnt so much about myself and I continue to grow. To love myself enough, to be comfortable in my own skin and feel free to be me (emotions and all). My new mantra is, “To be authentic and know that I have a message.  The people who are meant to hear it will and those who don’t, aren’t ready to experience my blessings”. This new way of thinking has helped me tons to open myself up to people and love the flaws that have shaped me into the person I am today.

Have you ever experienced a personal crisis or personal struggle? How have you overcome them? I think we all experience this issues however we are suppose to keep them to ourselves…

Stay strong and stay cool amazing people!

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  1. Beautiful message, Doris! And as we spoke about on my blog post, this is such an important topic that we constantly have to remind ourselves about. One of my favorite quotes in a long time, “love the flaws that have shaped me into the person I am today”.

    <3 <3 <3

    Thank you so much for sharing this with me.

    1. Renata thanks for visiting and I am very happy you enjoyed the post. That is defiantly one of my favourite quotes too, as it is so true. Yesterday’s struggles make today’s opportunities possible 🙂

  2. Love it! This is the reason why I prefer to be older, because I am wiser also. When I was younger I did not know myself, now I am older, wiser and fully me and I love it.

    1. Hey Leticia…I couldn’t agree more! Through the years we do become wiser and learn so many new things about ourselves that’s defiantly the beautiful part of getting older. Thanks chica :*

    1. Wow Amber thank you for sharing! I was a bit nervous about posting this but all the positive feedback makes me glad I did. I hope you too have found a happy ground of growth as have I. Keep strong beautiful!

  3. Love how you put it – “To love myself enough, to be comfortable in my own skin and feel free to be me (emotions and all)”… Totally agree with this – this is the first step towards re/gaining self confidence and keeping your head high

    1. Aww thank you so much, that’s what I’m talking about! YOU have made my night (Like REALLY)! I was debating whether I wanted to upload this post since I am pretty sensitive about it but I am so happy I did!

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