Food Adventures: Vermutería Río

If you follow me on IG, which I know you already do 🙂 you would have noticed that one of my all time favourite spots to snack up on tapas (also known as “pintxos” in Northern Spain) is the Vermutería Río HANDS DOWN it’s the best! I kid you not. Located in the city centre of Pamplona on San Nicolas street. Anybody who’s anybody, knows about this precious little gem.

I have been a faithful client of theirs for the last several years and I still cannot get enough of their “fritos de pimiento” even though the bar is officially known for their “frito de huevo”.

What! What! & What?

Okay Okay lets back track a bit and I’ll explain what everything is…So first things first you may be wondering; what in the world is a “frito” very similar to a “croquette” and second what were the two types of food that I just mentioned above. “Frito” in Spanish means fried. Ole! lol


A “Frito” is a small breadcrumbed fried food ball containing, usually as main ingredients, ground meat (beef, chicken, or turkey), seafood, fish, veggies etc. and mixed with béchamel. Let me just tell you it’s a food experience that you HAVE to try once you come to Northern Spain! You will thank me later. I guarantee it.

But how does it TASTE?

The outer breading is golden and crispy, filling is firm with a light taste of peppers and ground beef, and the flavour PERFECT…not to spicy but a ton of rich ingredients and seasoning. It’s like a little piece of heaven touched earth and decided to twerk on your taste buds. Yes! It’s THAT good! And I have tried tons of others and they don’t even come close to the Vermutería Río.

Dirty Little Secrets

All in all the prices in Río are the because you only pay 2€ a pop for these little devils. The new and improved bar has tons of space to enjoy the local football match, have a wine or two with your best of buddies or just for people watching. I love the design of the bar as it is very modern and cosy with a sophisticated touch of masculinity. What’s not to love! Right?

I can admit that on various occasions when meeting up with friends, family, c0-workers or whoever I would secretly go to Río ahead of time to eat 1-3 fritos then have another with my invited guest. Don’t judge me!

Some useful information about me and my food…I do not share, EVER!! However, I am more than happy to eat your food, as a token of my dedication to you! lol Because I am very kind person. I love high quality food (NO that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be expensive) made with love and good ingredients. There is no shame in my foodie behaviour and I cannot be held accountable for my irrational food temptations. Just take me as I am!


Cheers to US!

I hope you enjoyed today’s read as these type of events tend to happened on a daily basis in my life and I would love to share them with you!

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  1. Those Fritos look amazing! I can only imagine how they taste! I can’t wait to try them on my visit there next year! Adios❤❤

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