Sincerely Me A New Way of Life: Creating Healthy Habits

Thanks for coming back to the Sincerely Me A New Way of Life part II; Creating Healthy New Habits. Since the new year is just around the corner. If you are new to this series you will defiantly want to take a peek at my first post of creating a new and positive way of life through Changing Your Perspective. However if you have already been there and done that. I’m very happy you have returned, so let’s continue back on our way.

Without further ado, let’s go.

This week is all about taking action and creating new habits, activities and challenges that add quality to our lives.

What I’m doing

My new habit for December is to practice Ashtanga Yoga twice a week, since I have been experiencing very tight muscles with my current workout. I will be applying the 3 R’s* in order to stay true to this new activity. The 3R’s are: Reminder, Routine & Reward.

  1. Reminder: The spark of interest that starts the habit
    (Ex: Scheduling ahead of time the days I would like to practice)
  2. Routine: The action you take to carry out the habit
    (Ex. Keeping my mat on the balcony so no preparation is required)
  3. Reward: The reward you obtain from doing the habit.
    (Ex. Yoga will assist in my muscle recovery, flexibility and range of motion)

How to get it Started

If your habit has a positive reward in your everyday life, then you will be more willing to repeat the activity. Eventually with repetition you will create a new habit.4

That wasn’t so hard…Was it?

It’s as simple as that! I would suggest, making a physical checklist of 3 habits, activities or challenges that you always wanted to try and willing to start this month. Try to add realistic goals for yourself then adjust them in moderation to what will work for your lifestyle.

5Would you like to join me? Let me know what your new habits you would like to add for the new year. Do you think think we should add new changes to our lives? I’ll be checking back in the beginning of February with my results and final thoughts. Let’s do this!

* means this is a collaborative post – click here to read my blog affiliate disclosure

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