The mystery of it all

I feel oh so special. Have you every gotten those butterflies in your stomach from an interesting individual? Hold up wait… I’m not talking about in a sexual way nor does it have anything to do with flirting. Just when someone sincerely cares about what you have to say and appreciates your words.

Well this is exactly what happened to me recently when a long lost friend reached out to me. img_5711This person had contacted me asking for assistance in a project, which I was more than happy to oblige to, (since we have all been there). And somewhere in between the exchanging of emails I found myself getting genuinely excited to hear their feedback on information I had provided and their opinion on ideas that I would like to implement in the future. To say the least, they just GOT me and we could just laugh and giggle at how we can related to one another’s point of view.

Sometimes having a fresh pair of eyes and ears (or even the opinion of someone on the outside) gives us a better understanding of our situations. As the saying goes; Sometimes it’s a lot easier to talk to a stranger about your situation than it could be expressing it with family or your closest friends. Not sure if this is a saying, but you get my drift.

Why is it this way? I have no idea nor do I feel like exploring the world of “what if’s” or the categorised reasons to why. Why not? Because every situation is different, and every person is unique. Sometimes we cannot fit every particular situation or persona into a box of pre-distinguished labels or standards, but I digress. All I know is that, for once in a long time (in a one-on-one basis) someone was connected and in tune to what I had to say. And in that time and moment everything was perfect, my words directly meant something to someone and that feeling was AMAZING!

Do you think we over dramatize or over sexualize relationships? Is it normal to be excited and get butterflies from another individual even if its through a strictly platonic relationship? I expect we all have (at least once in our lives) experienced this particular situation and I’d love to hear your opinion on it.

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  1. Hair is on fleek!
    I think as a human race we over sexualize relationships, especially those between men and women, it’s normal. But sometimes ppl get confused with these feelings. They may admire someone but them don’t know what to do or how to show it and just decide that sleeping with the person is the only way of trying to understand this feeling, but we can find attraction in many things and it’s just platonic

  2. Yes! We SHOULD feel excited about making new friends and connections! Of course there will be friends we grow to love more slowly but I think getting platonic butterflies is a good sign that a friendship will teach you a lot about yourself and be a beautiful connection to explore 🙂

    1. WOW! I absolutely love this response and couldn’t agree more with you. Like you stated sometimes there are people that we need more time to create a sentimental connection, and there are others who allow you to see the greater in yourself. Thanks so much for sharing!

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