My Goals and Dreams for 2017

Oh 2017, Let me hug you! 

Can we take a moment to really appreciate & take in the beauty that comes with the start of every new year? It is officially (for the last 16 days) 20 frickin’ 17! I don’t know why saying that just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

The idea of a clean slate is just what I need to dust off the dirt and start a new. In the beginning I was a bit hesitant in creating this post, because I feel that we should always have progress and positivity in our lives. A new year shouldn’t change that.

However after some long thought AND since I am a firm believer that we can speak our dreams and goals into existence. I wanted to put my two cents out into the cosmos and see if the universe delivers! Additionally, being in the world wide web doesn’t hurt to physically see the process made in this year to come… So here it goes!

Travel More 

I don’t know how many weekend getaways I rejected because I was “too tired” or just too lazy to properly plan them out. Well that mentality has changed, I hope to go on:

  • More local weekend getaways
  • Atlas one international trip with friends

I think one weekend getaway a month or ever two months is completely do-able. But my real goal is to take at least one international trip with friends.  Now who wouldn’t love that?

Be More Consistent with Sincerely Doris

I am honestly so proud of the acceptance and support I have been receiving. I hope to continue growing, improving and creating more content that we love! This year is the year I hope to:

  • Improve on my photography skills and marketing

Staying Fit & Motivated

Whether you find yourself living a fit life or not, if there is no motivation powered behind those intentions. Sometimes we get lost in the sea of “Why am I doing this?”

Last year was all about cutting out fast food and unnecessary sugars. I love going to the gym so that wasn’t my problem but I am looking to put on some healthy pounds this year. However the principal goals are:

  • Focusing on wellbeing and health rather than physical appearance
  • Better my self acceptance

Welcome to the club. Yes!!!! Even I struggle with my body image and shaming. I have ALWAYS wanted a more voluptuous body. However each year I grow to love the body I have built and its flaws. No pity parties here just growth.

Be Content with my Job/Career

How many of us never feel completely satisfied with our work? Well this year is all about making changes or finding ways to be happy with your current job. Change your perspective or find something new. I would like to:

  • Create a positive atmosphere for myself
  • Finding a job that allows me to do what I love

Learning my Body 

Okay calling all my ladies, how many of us are really in tune with our bodies? I am talking about hormones, periods, fertility, reproductive organs and the whole “shebang” .This 2017 I would like to find new methods and tacts to:

  • Create a connection with my mind, body, and soul
  • Being in accordance with my body through self love and care
  • Know if I am healthy and fertile

WARNING: If you are reading this section and still haven’t had an orgasm. Shame on you!!! This year, I am going to need you to get a vibrator and just stop waiting for HIM. Learn your body ladies it’s nothing we should be ashamed of!

Continuing to grow mentally

I already enjoy reading books and gave myself the duty of reading 2 novels a year, however I personally can do better. The world is changing so fast that only the smart and savvy are advancing. My goals to keep up with this new technological world of wonders is to:

  • Read more books
  • Taking more courses on things I would like to learn

This year is full of so many new opportunities to learn new things. Don’t be left out! I will add an additional book to the roster however my goal is to read two Spanish novels and one in English. This way I continue to advance in my second language.

What You Can Do!

What are you doing to reach your dreams and goals this year? You have the power to conquer all, just make sure you are mentally prepared for the long haul. If you are going for the New Year Resolutions route try out these tips for smooth sailing:

  • Create a list of resolutions that are realistically in your reach.
  • Write down your goals, resolutions and dreams. (Scientifically proven to assist in the success rate)
  • Think of possible ways to succeed at your resolutions.
  • Never bite off more than you can chew. 
  • Create weekly goals to track your over all progress.
  • Remember why you are doing this…(to be a better you, for your children, for a loved one) never forget the reason why you started and use it as fuel for your fire!

I encourage you to stay positive through the whole year. Don’t let any bumps or hiccups along the way, rain on your parade.

The hard part is now over; What are your goals or what would you like to accomplish this 2017?  Is there something that you are struggling with that you would like to improve this year? Speak your goals into existence and see what happens. 

This year is going to be lit!

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  1. Some great goals – I hope you achieve them all! I’m excited for the clean slate too. Already enjoying January and feel I’m keeping focussed on my goals. I feel too many fail because they give up on the first hurdle. “Oh I had too much chocolate yesterday. The diet is over!” So what? You had one bad day, you probably have been good the rest of time, treat yourself too and keep healthy! x

    1. Yes!! Jodie this is exactly what I am talking about! I can’t wait to hear if you achieved all of your goals as well at the end of the year. Good luck babes!

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