Doris Diaries: What’s Good January

We are finally at the end of January and I’m so sad to see it go, but for real! January can you just wait just two more weeks, please?

So Ambitious

I’m talking job opportunities, let’s jump into the job scene. I was offered two amazing opportunities to change employment. The first one is a technological start up in Barcelona that will allow me to express my creativity in the world of online applications, and the other is one of the top business school here in Europe and located in Madrid. Here I would have the chance to work along side brilliant minds and assist them in helping others. As you can see I am torn between the two because in reality, I would be happy to work with either company.

Each of these opportunities come with the big decision to move away from my rural life here in Pamplona and venture out into the big city life of Barcelona or Madrid. Internally I am asking myself; “Who will win?”. Well…Until I have this information, you will just have to hang in there with me and buckle up for the adventure of a lifetime. FYI: I am almost certain that the city change etc. will all be on my IG Story. *If you’re interested.

Extra! Extra! Read All About it!

Say What? Now brands are starting to notice me too… Girl Where? This month I have been contacted by a few amazing brands in order to collaborate AND potentially grow to become a part of their brand identity. YASS!

I am not going to front like I am not the happiest girl in the world. However I remind myself to stay humble, appreciative and ensure that these brands will add value to my readers and my brand as a whole. Nobody want’s and overzealous fool on their hands. Plus, I am still so new in this game that I am just enjoying the experience. My inicial focus is to write good genuine content and NOT on being a walking billboard.

I Can Feel it in the Air

JANUARY…You have hooked me up with some All-Star people! I couldn’t be more thankful for each and every one of my new friends I have met thus far thanks to SincerelyDoris. These new friends have help me access new heights in my personal, business and blogging life. More and more, when I think back on this blog I catch myself wondering “Why did I wait so long to do this?” however I believe everything comes at its own time and the same applies to me too!

Can’t Tell Me Nothing

I just feel a new energy going on this year and this month has been one of the best. I’m not saying that because we just started 2017, I’m saying that because genuinely out of the last six months January this been full of great surprises and wonderful opportunities for me on all levels.

How is your January panning out? What good things have happened for you this month? On another note: Would you relocate to a new city for your dream job or could you be eternally content with working a mediocre job as long as you are in the city of your dreams? Would love to hear your point of view.

Catch you later (on the other side of the screen)

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