How Living in Spain has changed My “Style”

Do you think is it possible that a different country or culture could greatly influence the way you express yourself through style? I must confess that I genuinely do believe this is possible!

Small Town to Big Fashion

I come from a very small middle class town in Western Pennsylvania where  each person creates their own style within the small resources that we have in our ever so tiny neighbourhood mall. I am talking maybe four or five decent stores to get you by. Plus, it was more than normal to dress in a low-key attire of sweats, leggings and a hoodie for any basic out of home duties like running daily errands, going to class…you name it.

When I was younger I really had no sense or direction in what was fashionable or not, as I dressed like the mass group of people in my circle of friends. As far as I could consider my older sisters were the closest thing to fashion superstars that I knew. As they were always up to date on what was trending and fashion at the moment. Being the baby of the three I just wasn’t on the same wave length or fashion sense as them.

Little did I know that was all going to change when a young 21 year old small town girl decided to venture off to the fashionably vast world of Europe. Who would have thought the ever so chic northern Spanish hemisphere would teach me how to be fashionably cute without even trying. Who needs an Instagram fashion feed when ever passer byer looks like they’ve just walked off the runway of Fashion Week? No lie! This is not to say that prior to my Euro exposure I did not have a small nack for fashion, however I was truly inspired to be more fashion knowledgable in order to create my own unique look.

Did somebody say Fashion Capital?

After living in cities like Pamplona, Donostia and Madrid (very fashion forward places) I now, do not shy away from bold pieces and dare to be different. I can comfortably walk around the city centre of Pamplona with my Yellow Zara  jacket and welcome any stares (good or bad) in my direction. As G. Bruce Boyer so eloquently put it, “Real style is never right or wrong it’s a matter of being yourself on purpose.”

Unique Style for Unique Individuals

Don’t get me wrong, I am far from a fashionista or fashion blogger. I am very true to my own identical, simplistic sense of what’s hot and what’s not; As we all should be…in regards to our own personal style. Through our sense of style we can be ourselves without having to speak one word, and it’s that aspect which makes us so unique and beautiful in our own right!

So on that note, Thank you Spain for giving me my “big city” “high-end” sense of style and teaching me how to pay more attention to trends more than I ever did before. I am forever grateful to live in a fashion forward city that allows me to be outside of the box and accepts me for any of my style hiccups without making me feel insecure.  You are the true MVP!

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  1. Hey Doris! As someone who personally knows you and have seen your style evolve from super simple to super chic, all I can say is that I am happy that you have found your “niche”. I remember when we just got to Spain and you used to say “I wanna dress like her” or “I wanna look like them”. And now to see how you have evolved and created your own style and to know that ppl are probably looking at you saying the same things that you used to think, makes me smile. You used to be so insecure about certain things and now others are probably looking at you thinking, “I wish I was as confident as her!”. Doris I hope you continue to inspire yourself and others on how to do your own thing and make your own statement because you just might be an inspiration to others. Te quiero mucho hermana y que Dios cumpla todos tus sueños!?❤️️

    1. Diana…te quiero de aquí hasta la luna. Pero YA lo sabes! Teniendo una amiga como tu dios ya ha cumplido uno de mis sueños…gracias por tus palabras tan bonitas, tu amistad eterna y de ser my sista from another mista!

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