teakruthi Review: Cinnamon Chai*

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I have tried the Cinnamon Chai tea multiples times within these last few weeks. So, I feel more than confident giving you the low down on this tea! Now grab your cuppa and lets get to it!

Why Cinnamon Chai? 

When I was first browsing on the teakruthi webpage I already knew I wanted to try one of their spiced teas. WHY? Well Duh…We ARE in winter. Who doesn’t love a nice cinnamon hug in a mug after a rough day at work or after battling the cold weather. I know I DO! This tea basically was whispering sweet nothings into my ear from the teakruthi website. So I had to order it!

What’s that Brew like?

The actual brew of the cinnamon chai has a beautiful reddish gold color. Upon opening the packet your nose quickly becomes intoxicated by the strong and sweet smell of the ceylon cinnamon. Think…our childhood cinnamon candies hot tamales and fireballs, but in an “Oh so good way”, without the potent spiciness. Me personally, I could literally sit here ALL day and just smell this tea blend. YAS! It’s THAT good!

Even though I personally enjoy drinking tea without any type of sweetener. If I’m having some sort of spiced tea; my personal preference is to add some type of sweetener (normally honey) or a veggie milk like (rice, coco or oat milk that have a sweeter taste) to bring out the actual flavour and robustness of the spices in the tea. You know what I mean, jellybean? And this tea was no exception, the honey brought a more intense sensation to the cinnamon that made this tea experience that much better.

Is it worth the Hype?

From reading the previous paragraphs do you really have to ask? Yes, it is definitely worth the hype! This tea is very true to its online description and I will defiantly be repurchase this tea. The only downfall for me is that I would’ve liked a little bit more spices mixed into the blend like cardamom or ginger to give it a bit more spice and tang in my cup. However despite this I am still very happy with this blend and its quality.

Who would enjoy this tea?

Cinnamon chai is a great option for spiced tea lovers and anyone who wants to experiment with a lighter black tea brew. This is a great fall/winter tea to incorporate into your collection, since the cinnamon factor has a tendency to warm your body from the inside out.

This tea is also made for the Chai tea lovers even though it doesn’t have all of the spices that I was yearning for from a traditional chai tea mix. The quality of the cinnamon in this chai is very powerful aromatically as in taste. This tea makes for a great chai alternative from the traditional mix.

My Overall Opinion

This tea is quickly becoming one of my favourites from teakruthi thus far. I will say that Cinnamon Chai does pretty well on its own without the sweeteners or milks but if you want an extra karate kick of flavour. Do as I tell you and not as I do! The sweeteners just brings out that great cinnamon taste.

As I said before, my motto in the winter months is…the spicier the better. If you greet me with a nice warm cup of spicy happiness cough cough tea or rooibos I will basically love you FOREVER!

Do you enjoy heavy spiced teas or are you a classic tea lover? Does your taste in tea change with the seasons? Or maybe you have you one got to tea for every occasion, let me know your personal preference I love finding new teas.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

* means this is a collaborative post – click here to read my blog disclaimer 


* means this is a collaborative post – click here to read my blog affiliate disclosure


    1. Hey Lasith 🙂 thanks for checking back. I truly enjoyed this blend and can’t wait to dive into more keep those quality tea leaves coming our way! xoxo

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