Tea Shop: Sweet Turrón Review

Last month in between Christmas shopping, baking cookies and listening to my classes holiday tunes. I found myself in dire need for my holiday teas. You know what that meant right? A quick trip to the Tea Shop.

So, What Happened?

Turing on RANT MODE: Skip to “Why Sweet Turrón?” section if you please

On my last visit to the Tea Shop I was more than surprised to see that there was a new Christmas blend added to the roaster. I don’t have to tell you how excited I was about that…now do I? This visit was an even better treat since I was able to test out the tea while stocking up on my “don’t fail me now” Christmas Tea: Rooibos.

Here’s the scoop

Tea Shop just introduced this new Christmas blend Sweet Turrón as a trial to see what people have to say about it. First things first: What is Turrón you may be asking? Turrón is a sweet almond candy that vary in textures (think fudge) that is traditionally served in fall/winter and especially during the holiday season.

Sweet Turrón Ingredients: Turkish apple, Cinnamon from Vietnam and Madagascar, Almonds from Spain

Why Sweet Turrón? 

So the initial day I went to the Tea Shop and tried the Sweet Turrón I loved it, but something just held me back from buying it that day. You know the normal “Should I buy this?” “I already have over several kinds of teas…” blah blah blah. So, when I went back to the store to actually buy the tea it was already sold out. Take about buyers remorse.

This is when I frantically came home and looked online and nothing. I even went to every Tea Shop here in Pamplona and finally found this blend. Hallelujah!

What’s that Brew like?

This cup of tea has a beautiful golden yellowish tint to it. I have recently been pairing this tea with rice milk and honey when I have guest over and it taste wonderful. NO but REALLY! However, if I am making a personal cup for myself, the rice milk alone is good enough for my palette. This is a very light tea but don’t be confused there is tons of flavour pack into this bad boy.

Plus, the smell of this tea is amazing to the 10th degree. The company pushes that the tea will remind users of the intense classic turrón taste, but for me this blend has it’s own unique character. It truly reminds me of carnival style candied apples…and Bath and Body Work candles mixed into a tea lol *if that makes any sense.

Is it worth the Hype?

Yes, yes and yes! My Christmas Tea Rooibos blend has got a run for it’s money because I have a feeling I will need to now stock up on both teas should the Tea Shop offer the Sweet Turrón next year. Fingers crossed. If not, I will just have to hide my stash and only serve the Sweet Turrón for myself…Sorry Family!

Who would enjoy this tea? 

Well this is a great alternative to the classic teas, because it is strictly herbal. Meaning this tea is great for anyone since there is no theine to worry about. This holiday, I shared this particular tea with a few friends of mine with children and they loved it as well. And don’t forget, any recent mothers who just gave birth and cannot have theine can defiantly sip on this blend without worrying.

My Overall Opinion

Go buy this tea! If you have a tea shop near you try it out before it’s to late. Honestly this tea has been and instant favourite in my cabinet for the last 3 weeks. It’s the tea everyone asked me to make after dinner to have something warm in our stomachs and it calms down my urges to eat something sweet.

The Benefits of the Sweet turrón in my case were that this tea has digestive and relaxing properties with the cinnamon and apple. All I can say is… this tea was a complete hit with me! I pray that next year they will repeat this mix because the 100grams that I bought will probably only last me to the end of February if I’m lucky! WELP!!! The taste is mind blowing.

Does Sweet Turrón sound like a tea you would try? What is your favourite tea? And how did you discover it? Thanks for stopping by

SORRY FOR THE RANT: I just get so excited when talking about tea and crazy moments in life. And for those who are wondering where my Christmas Tea Rooibos review is…Don’t worry next week it will be live especially for YOU. And right when the Tea Shop will launch their discount for this tea. I got you!

Remember there’s always time for tea

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