The City of Love

First and Foremost…Happy Valentine’s Day! I am sending you virtual kisses to get through this cliché holiday.

 But first things first… I have to confess that the deed is DONE and there is no turning back. If you are scratching your head and wondering what I am talking about check out my “What’s Good: January” post.  Back to the story, I am so happy with my decision to discover greener pastures… as I have finally decided where to go. Say WHAT!?! Yes!! I have left the urban life of Pamplona and traded it in for my cosmopolitan best friend. Want to know more?

My bags were packed, tickets bought and I was 100% sure Barcelona was in my forecast. I had accepted the offer and even began working with the share holders until…HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE! Did someone say the IE Business School? Yes! The same IE that I had interviewed multiple times and just never made the cut. Yup…that one! By now I figured my dream of joining the IE team was long gone and waving to me out the window but at least I had made some great contacts…BUT 2017 had other plans for me! Talk about my Goals & Dreams for 2017 coming into action. Thank you universe; this time you delivered and BIG! Sidenote: Who would have thought right? “Not I” said Doris!

Two companies one BIG decision

So what was a girl to do? On one hand I had a VERY interesting and promising start-up project in a Barcelona with one of the best executive positions a girl could ask for and on the other hand I had an entry level job offer with “THE COMPANY” that I have been dying (and trying) to work with for the last 3 years in my precious city of Madrid. It really should have been a no-brainer right? Well, it wasn’t. I was between a rock and a hard place; should I decide on a better job placement or the stability of a great company? In my ideology, there is a thin line between humbling and hindering my career path… I knew I had to make an important decision and someone had to lose. BUT NOT THIS GIRL!

Once my decision was done, the hardest part was breaking the news to the other company. Situations like these are never a pretty picture. However I am a person who strongly believes in preserving relationships. This meant I had to figure out the best wait to break this news without burning any bridges along the way. Trust me, the person on the other end will appreciate you for it in the future. Dont get me wrong I was absolute terrified of this part, but after some intermediate thought process I decided a phone call was necessary in this specific case. I explained my situation, thanked the employer for the opportunity and offered another candidate for the position. As simple as that!

Welcome to the Capital, Baby!

Now for the good news! So lets fast-forward to today, shall we? I am currently loving my return to the Spanish city that never sleeps….MADRID! I started with the IE last week (on my birthday) Yes…I know you are throwing your hands up like “Wait, What?” Well, why NOT my birthday? It’s a date that I will remember, plus I found this a suitable gift worth celebrating.

BUT WAIT there’s more…

Once I arrived to the office I was introduced to my company team, who then surprised me with flowers, treated to empanadas, chips and of course chocolate cake. Yummy! I could soo get used to this. Talk about a great first day, full of surprises! It was such a beautiful gesture especially for an employee who JUST arrived to the company. Thanks IE!

Okay so I am not going to drag this story out any longer but can I just confess we (IE and myself) are a “match made in company heaven”. In the cliché that it sounds I am truly ecstatic to be apart of an international organization that celebrates and appreciates its employees (and enjoys my enthusiasm to join their team). Can we say #WINNING??
Have you ever been blessed with two career offers that you absolutely loved? What options do you take into consideration when choosing the right company (salary, conditions, corporate ladder, stability)? On a happier note: What are you doing this Valentine’s Day?


  1. Hey Doris,

    This is some exciting stuff, so congrats to you. May this new chapter in your life be prosperous and a journey you truly enjoy. It definitely takes art to turn down an offer without completely burning bridges.

    This post actually gave me the push I needed to apply to an internship in Almeria. I’m been sitting on toes and procrastinating with my cover letter, but once I read this I found motivation to finally write it, so thank you!

    Aitza |

    1. Aitza, I truly hope you do go for that internship in Almeria. Who knows what greatness you can unlock? Plus you deserve the a fun new experience like this…REAL TALK! So STOP procrastinating and claim what is yours. Please keep me updated on what happens. Good Luck!

  2. Congratulations Doris!! The company of your dreams AND Madrid! That is such great news! It looks like all of your hard work has paid off! And thanks for the reminder to never give up on your goals! Best of luck to you in your new city and in your new career path! 🙂

    1. Michele Thank you! I am definitely seconding that “my hard work is paying off” because honestly last year was NOT my year! I had to deal with layoffs, working online and missing human contact…to a new year full of great opportunities. You really have made my night with this message and I too wish you all the luck for 2017. Dont let ANY dreams or goals escape your reach. We deserve IT!


  3. Doris,
    I am so happy for you and all the great things that are happening in your life. Is there anything you don’t do? Really though, goals. Madrid is one place I have heard of and know a little bit about (tiny.. like bucket list stuff lol). However, I can’t wait to read more about what it’s like living there through your blog. I’m sure it’s so beautiful. I hope you will continue to have a good transition to the city and job. I know you bring a lot to the table an will be a positive asset to your new company that you work for. Thanks for reminding me to HAVE the hard talks and conversations even when it’s uncomfortable and a let down to the other company/person on the other end.

    Lots of love to you girl,

    1. Kelsie…bring your body to Europe I would love to have you here in Madrid! Let’s make that happen.

      Thank you soo much for all of your positivity…I am telling you I may sound all brave and steady with the whole “hard conversation” part but I really wasn’t. However, it’s always nice to know someone else struggles with these same life tasks. We’re human lol. So next time don’t run from that uncomfortable-ness…just make it your Bi%^h! lol


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