Doris Diaries: What’s Good February

It’s My Party Month!

Go Doris it’s your birthday…We gonna party like it’s YOUR BIRTHDAY!

I am thanking the lord for allowing me to see another birthday. Shout out to God for seeing me through everything and keeping me on fleek! I am so ready to start this new chapter and with this “Oh So” positive wave of events that have been showering and trickling into my personal and professional life. It’s lit!

Now the way I see it is I can approach my birthday in two different ways, I can throw myself a pity party on my couch with a pint of the finest Haagen Dazs OR I can drop down and get my eagle on. To put your mind at ease; I spent my birthday surrounded with my new work colleagues (more about that HERE), my Madrid gang (they surprised me with not only one but three birthday cakes) and a special surprise from my ever…so loving boyfriend. In my books I would definitely call that a Birthday SUCCESS!

Back in the Day

In my teenage years, I remember thinking my 20’s was going to be “where it was at”, but anyone over the age of 21 knows THAT is all LIES! The only good thing about your 20’s is that you can officially drink (TURN UP lol) and if you’re really lucky your living independently in your own apartment. Let’s check out the ugly side of my 20’s I was so insecure about myself, I cared too much about what the world thought of me and professionally; I was the newbie college student who was still trying to figure out what I actually wanted to accomplish in life. Talk about a “quarter life crisis”.

Whereas in my 30’s, I’m so secure and confident on where I am. I know what I want to obtain in life and will let nothing stand in my way or hinder my progress. I literally give zero fucks about what people think of me and that’s the beauty of maturing into YOU! Knowing your worth and not settling for people’s perceptions of what you should be. We live, we learn and we grow.

‘Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment’ – Buddha

The 8 Golden Rules 

1. No more drama:

I have cut out all the bullshit and drama of relationships that add zero value to my life. It sounds a lot harsher than it really is, stop trying to befriend and cultivate dying bonds The earlier you accept the fact that, if the person on the other side is not equaling the efforts you are putting in, it’s time to re-evaluate that relationship. No flex zone… just dedicated friendships please.

2. The sky’s the limit:

Don’t settle for less! Set goals as high as your imagination, give yourself permission to be GREAT! Any goals I set for myself I always end up obtaining them because I have learnt how the world works. And most importantly, I know what works for me. Not like in my 20’s, I was too self-conscious on “if” things would work in my benefit always waiting for a miracle.

3. Zero fucks to give:

I know it sound so cliché and yes I said it before previously, but it is so important that we stop living in the shadows of others or caring what the outside world thinks of you and your decisions. At the end of the day, It’s YOUR life…not your mothers, not your sisters nor your best friends and even though they mean well, don’t be afraid to live in your truth.

4. Motivation to fuel the fire:

Don’t be afraid to dream big and live in the moment. Take the trips you always wanted to NOW! It’s one of the best inversions you will ever make and those memories and feelings will last a lifetime. Be confident in your gifts and talents it’s never too late to do what you really love. You just have to take that first step.

5. No one is Perfect:

Through this blog I have learnt (very slowly) that everything doesn’t have to be perfect. I know…(it actually hurt writing that) but seriously don’t let not doing something perfect stop you from jumping out there and getting yourself out there. Just make sure you put your heart in it, that’s the moment when the magic really starts to happen.

6. Always be humble:

This means leave your  negativity and egos outside. Learn the difference between confidence and being a straight up jerk. No one wants to be associated with someone who is NOT a team player and doesn’t give “props” when their due.

7. Don’t be afraid to put down the damn phone:

Cherish your life, the people in AND JUST LIVE YOUR (REAL) LIFE. The cyber world can wait and honestly it’s not going anywhere. However the same might not be true for some of our most special bonds with relatives or friends. Take advantage of every moment you can physically get with them and create new happy moments before it’s too late.

8. Love Hard:

We have all had our hearts broken…its life. That doesn’t mean you have to harden and hide your heart from the world. Just forgive and forget, life is too short to get wrinkles from stress. People are going to hurt us, un-intentionally and intentionally, it is how we recover from those circumstances that make us a better lover in the end. It also shows us how to appreciate other people in our lives who are really there for us. Who doesn’t love finding a rock in a hard place?

You’re the Best thing since Sliced Bread

Last but not least, I want to give the biggest THANK YOU to all of you that made my birthday feel “the”. It doesn’t matter whether you were with me physically or from a distance, I honestly do not know what I would do without each and every one of you!

Thank you for your support, interest and just glowing up with me. I hope this blog is a space that inspires and motivates you because that is the whole purpose surrounded behind Sincerely Doris. If you want to see some new just hit your girl up! Please believe without your support many of the great opportunities and blessings that I have been receiving this year would have been non-existent. Thank you for being a part of the Sincerely Doris Movement.

Signing off: Another year older, but still sexy enough to not even care! High-fives to all my Aquarius and Pisces.


  1. Doris, I’m so glad you stumbled over to Aya’s yesterday. One post in and I’m already in love with your whole delivery. I turned 27 in January and shared some of those same thoughts about where I am in life and how honestly, I’ve been a lot happier not caring about other people’s opinions of me and eliminating those loose ends. I think you need to share these golden rules with a lot more people because it’s solid advice on a sunny day and day like today that aren’t so sunny. Happy belated birthday!

    1. Hello Kamil I am so happy you stopped by as well.
      Doesn’t it feel great that other people relate to our crazy birthday drama? I am so happy that you enjoyed this post and it makes me feel even better about sharing my stories because sometime I doubt whether people will understand my message. But I know get it…hope to see you around these parts more often.

  2. I think I was set free throughout the entire post. Lol. I love your outlook on life and I completely agree with your struggle and acceptance of nobody being perfect. * uncrosses my arms* Imagine that. Haha! Nor can any of us be perfect. Now with that pressure off, we can all be who we really are or as you say “walk in your truth.” I also feel that this statement resonated deep within my soul because it seems to be my motto for the 2017: Be confident in your gifts and talents it’s never too late to do what you really love. You just have to take that first step.

    I am glad you had a great birthday and you don’t look a day over 21 you beautiful soul!

    Xo, Kels!

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