teakruthi: Blissful Harmony Review*

Why Blissful Harmony?

Honestly I ran to this tea basically for its name and the plain fact that it has white and black tea, which translated into a antioxidant pack tea with a mix from heaven. Blissful Harmony is a perfect neutral tea for me, since the flavour is so light and flowery.

What’s that Brew like?

I went into this tea thinking it would have a deep dark colour however on the multiple times of brewing this tea, I was left with a light copper coloured brew. Hmm Interesting! In appearance you can see that this mixture is blended using whole leaf tea leaves. A very new concept for me as I am used to steeping tightly rolled tea leaves or some kind of crushed leaves mixture. Thus, this was a exciting new surprise for me. The smell of this blend has a green malty scent in a pleasant homely sense and a light smooth taste. Now that’s what I call BLISSFUL HARMONY!

Is it worth the Hype?

I’m giving it my two thumbs up and this will be my go to spring/summer tea. Blissful harmony is a great tea during the warmer months… Since the light taste refreshes and hydrates your pallet. I was very scared that the mix of the black and white tea would make this blend very bitter and strong (you know like the perfect “Pick Me Upper” in the morning however this blend is a so much more complex than that…it’s harmonious. *cues the the heavenly beam of light and angels playing the harm.

Who would enjoy this tea?

To all my light tea brew lover put your hands up, to all my hate drinking water people put your hands up and to all my herbal loving tea folks…you know what to do. Because this is YOUR tea.

My Overall Opinion

The general taste of Blissful Harmony is wonderful and I can achieve a medium strength brew by adding more leaves. In my personal opinion this is a very light tea for the winter months however a game changer for summer and let’s not forget the anti-oxidant power that the white tea brings to this mixture. Can you say “winning”?

What you do think? Would you try this tea blend? Are you a fan of light or strong tea brews? What tastes and preferences do you look for when choosing your own tea blends and does the season affect your specific tea consumption? Let me know down below.

Thanks for reading! 🙂 and until next time happy brewing!

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  1. You are right! The leaves for this tea is very interesting. I would have thought it was going to be stronger because of the leaves. I love white tea and I love black tea for different reasons so I never thought to put them together. What a great idea for substituting water if you can’t get yourself to drink it plain. Plus, it’s like boosted water with the tea in it LOL! I for sure would like to try it. I am curious if it was a relaxing or an energetic tea for you?

    1. I am soo with you on the “Boosted Water” with tea in it. Since we are in the colder months I appreciate a heavier spiced tea (now) vs the light flavour of Blissful Harmony…but in those summer months I KNOW I will be running back to this tea.

      To answer your question Blissful Harmony didnt give me any real energetic boost, which makes me lean more towards the relaxing side. But don’t fret because I have drank this tea at night as well and had no change in my sleep pattern. Hope this helps ? Please let me know if you give this tea a try. Which teas and blends are your go to?


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