Tea Shop: Christmas Tea Rooibos Review

Can I tell you how excited I get when November rolls around the corner and I know that the Tea Shop is beginning to stock my favorite Christmas Tea blends (green, red, black tea blends AND Rooibos) in my favorite stores? OKAY!!

Yeah…Yeah, I know we’re in February but “Can a girl live?”.  Even though I’m late (the first step is admitting the problem) I’m happy to inform you that this tea is currently on sale. Do I deliver or what? Peep those discounts RIGHT HERE ! The ingredients for those who are interested; Rooibos with a mixture of bitter almonds, orange peel, apple, cinnamon and cloves.

Why Christmas Tea? 

This Christmas Tea Rooibos is a blend that I have bought every year for the last three years. Honestly I am so used to having it in my tea stash for the holiday’s that I buy out the last stocks of this blend and save an unopened 500 grams to last me until next November, just in case. I am so obsessive compulsive with this tea it’s not even funny.

What’s that Brew like?

This brew has a deep orange color, and please check out the color of the blend. Isn’t it just relaxing? The taste of this brew is a medium strength, a bit spicy with a touch of citric. The smell is frickin’ amazing balls.

Is it worth the Hype?

In my opinion Y-E-S! Why? Because in winter time I love blends that include clove, cinnamon and orange peel. It’s something about those ingredients that give me a warm comforting feeling, while I am snuggled up in my house robe, fighting off the cold weather. Plus this blend is light enough to enjoy year around. Now who doesn’t like that?

Who would enjoy this tea? 

This is a great tea to share with guest, company AND even the family (yes I’m referring to the little ones too!) since it is a hit for people of all ages. Plus this rooibos makes a great tea to accompany most types of desserts. Just in case you forgot, rooibos tea is rich in digestive benefits and the spices in this blend work towards this same benefit, without disrupting your sleep pattern. “Why?” you say, because Rooibos has no “theine” you know that nasty little component in your tea that might want to steal your sleep. So in my book Christmas Tea Rooibos is a win win situation for me!

My Overall Opinion

I enjoy this tea because it is a great herbal alternative that I can drink all day and not worry about losing sleep. It’s hard to be loyal to all the teas out here, but the Christmas Tea blend is my faithful go to! Christmas Tea Rooibos is the taste I have come to love and know as a holiday comfort drink. Ok who am I kidding I honestly drink this blend all year around…but don’t tell. It’s our little secret.

What are your “go-to” teas in emergency cases! What is your favourite herbal tea that you could drink all year around? and Why? Can’t wait to hear your selection of teas…I need new “go-to” teas as spring is almost upon us!

Long live great tea!

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