Doris Diaries: What’s Good March

Welcome back to the ever-changing world of Doris, where I don’t even have a moment to stop and chat because that’s how smart business ladies do. Okay so are you ready to hear about the updates in my life…Keep on reading 

Work life

I have been offered the option to work in a new department where I will be taking on more responsibilities and have greater visibility within the company. Thanks to my executive director who saw enough potential in me to extend this incredible opportunity. I am sure she had a hard decision choosing the right candidate for this spot. However, it looks like I took the win for this moment..with all due diligence anything is possible. Yey Me!

Back to the city life…and It’s Surprises

As many of you know, I have just returned back to Madrid after having a small hiatus in Pamplona. And let me tell you it feels so good to be back in the city. Great cafés, delicious restaurants, just that international atmosphere…and who doesn’t love a city with people everywhere. I missed it all so much, now the only thing missing is to have my baby by my side.

On a very nice and lighter note; I got to reunite with one of my H.S. friends on her surprise honeymoon stop here in Madrid. Let me congratulate Mr. & Mrs. Lamp once again on the next chapter of their love story. It was such a pleasure to witness these two amazing love birds. The best part for me was catching up with my “day one” cheerleading and softball girlfriend, but also the chance to finally meet the man who swept my dear friend Aisha off her feet. AND yes ladies he treats her like a Disney princess, I have witness it myself. Congrats on many years of love and longevity. FYI: Wait for THAT kind of love people. It exist and chivalry is not dead I know because if you don’t know your worth and demand this kind of behaviour you may be forever stuck with your toad! Back on topic; the cherry on top for me was showing my friends my crazy cosmopolitan city.

Back to basics

As you can see my poor page has been suffering, since it’s a constant competition between my favourite hobby, my undying passion to succeed within my organisation and having a “real” social life. Plus I am still the “new girl” and there’s tons to learn, even more people to meet and adjusting to a new department.

So what does that mean in the blogging world? It means I’m abstinence in blogging, mental exhaustion for new creative content and that just to name a few. Because all of my mental energy is going towards learning my new position and the responsibilities that go along with it, as well as sending all of my creative strategies to these new roles. I honestly do miss blogging. However when I have the time, I’m either not in a writing mood or too exhausted to finish any of my thoughts. My personal favourite when I do have creative content I’m never in a place where I can write.  Someone please pray that I will become in sync with my creative mind space while l am in a writing atmosphere.

April I need us to play nice.

Signing off the Executive Boss lady!

Photography thanks to Memociona: José Romojaro
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    1. Michele thank you so much for these words they they mean more than you know. Sometimes I feel like I am doing this blogging thing all wrong and its nice to know that at least one person gets it. Thank you so much for your continued support and great advice… it doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

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