teakruthi: Ceylon Ivory Review*

I am not going to lie, but after trying the Blissful Harmony. I KNEW I was going to enjoy the Ceylon Ivory. And boy was I excited to finally try it out. What kind of fashionistic tea lover would I be without having a ride or die white tea by my side?

Why Ceylon Ivory?

I chose this tea mainly because all of its health benefits: reducing risk of cancer, cardiovascular disorder and improvement and oral health.  Let’s not forget white tea is the “change your life” beauty tea that all the bloggers, social media and entertainment television rave about… So bring it here to MAMA with all of those “Ever So Good” greatly packed antioxidants and anti-aging properties so what’s not to love about it? I basically ripped the poor shipping box into pieces just trying to get into my new fountain of youth drink. I literally needed to try this tea yesterday!

What’s that Brew like?

This Ceylon Ivory tea is a very pale and light in color tea. To be honest my “average Joe” nose detected a very sweet smell from this blend. The actual tea leaves that are brewed are whole tea leaves that are lightly rolled and twisted. A pleasant surprise from the typical grinded up leaves at the bottom of my filter.

Is it worth the Hype?

Yes, if you are a devoted tea drinker or your looking to try a new white tea. The taste is bomb! Light and refreshing similar to the Blissful Harmony, but an even better alternative to drinking water. Plus on days I am feeling extra sassy I throw in a few cut fruits and berries to this tea and enjoy the fusion of all the flavors. My favorite combo lately has been mixing it with raspberries and green apple slices, talk about HEAVEN! But I also enjoy this tea steaming hot with a tiny drop of honey.

Now I know the first thing that you’re going to say is the price is a bit high and I completely understand where your coming from. Thus the reason I wanted to try out the Ceylon Ivory and see if it was really worth the price. This tea could be a bit pricey for those of us who are very casual tea drinkers.

However, on teakruthi’s behalf when you’re dealing with  premium tea leaves I honestly feel like this price is very obtainable for everyone. Plus the quality of the whole leaves and the little treatment and process the actual leaves go through I think this price really does justice to the Ceylon Ivory tea. Additionally teakruthi normally has some type of discount code or deal on their website. Thus, I would emphasize that if you are on the fence of purchasing this tea, because lets face it we all don’t have tons of extra $XX hanging around for tea… Plus isn’t Zara having a spring sale some time soon? Sorry Sorry! Back to what I was saying take advantage of teakruthi’s great coupon deals.

Who would enjoy this tea?

Err body! lol Ceylon Ivory is a light tea meaning anyone can really enjoy it AND if you are looking for a tea that has tons of healthy benefits “look no more” this is your tea. Similar to the Blissful Harmony, I personally enjoy light teas in the spring and summer months because they do a pretty good job at refreshing my thirst when I am sick and tired of just plain water. Plus you can enjoy them hot or cold with a splash of sparkling water and fruits and we have ourselves a party.

My Overall Opinion

For the last three years I’ve been looking for a great white tea blend and this was the perfect opportunity to try out the Ceylon Ivory and boy let me tell you. I will definitely be re-purchasing this tea not only for its light flowery taste but also for it’s amazing health benefits. And if that doesn’t motivate you enough just do your own research to see if it’s worth spending the extra cha-ching.

What other white tea brands are your favourites? What is the most expensive tea you have bought and why did you fork out the cash? 

On another note: Would you drink a tea, juice or beverage only for its beneficial health factors? 


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  1. The more reviews you write, the more I’m tempted to place an order. I rarely drink coffee, so my cabinet is always stocked with tea. Not to mention anything with the word sweet instantly grabs my attention.
    Aitza B | petitelypackaged.com

    1. Aitza you should so try out some teas like these ones…I promise you won’t be disappointed.
      Plus I am pretty sure you can find similar blends where you are at…however if you finally do come to Spain you will already know what teas satisfy your taste and the Tea Shop is literally right around every corner. Keep me updated on that!

    1. Thank you Jay! Are you a southern boy? I grew up on sweet tea and it always reminds me of hot summer Pennsylvanian days on my porch with my grandmother. I hope you do try out this white tea or another and let me know your thoughts.

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