Doris Diaries: What’s Good April

If I told you I have been slacking on my pimpin, would you believe me? Well, it really has been that way for the last past 2 months. Lord help me! However, as one of my blogging friends said, “Do what you need to do with your career first. Your blog will be here when you get into your rhythm“. Thanks, Michele!However, this month I did get the opportunity to write a bit more content (FINALLY) and setting up a calendar system to help me stay on track. I hope this is the missing piece to my blogging success. I would also like to extend a special thank you to everyone who sent me positive vibes and encouragement on this journey. You lovely people always give me that extra momentum to continue writing, and for that I thank you!

My Personal Business

In my personal life, everything is pretty good plus my social life is blossoming just like the flowers this spring. However, when real life is going better that’s when I need that gangster blogger inside of me to be in co-pilot mode to carry me to the glorious land. This month has been pretty slow and exhausting because I am in the learning phase AGAIN and I am just ready to get my life together. #Truestory

I am also in the process of finding my dream apartment, but let me tell you this is becoming one hell of a nightmare. I am so damn picky and I have luxurious taste, but I am not trying to spend all my coins on something I am not head over heels for. Nor will I stay in a place that is out of my reach economically to please my head or personal expectations. I’m not going to lie nothing feels better than walking into YOUR own home that you are completely in LOVE with, but I do need a place that is completely Doris where I feel comfortable and safe.

What’s to come…

I am excited to share that I will be hitting up Greece at the end of May. I really need this vacation since Javier and I haven’t had time to just jet set the globe together since our trip to the USA. I am so excited to post about this trip…Stay tuned for that! I will be going to Athens and an added bonus is that one of my best university mates will be tying the knot in sunny Santorini.  Mini vacation and wedding weekend here we come! Any ideas, recommendations, food to try is all welcomed because this is my first time and any comments are greatly welcomed.

What are you guys up to this spring/summer? Any fun traveling plans, family activities or maybe a festival or two? I want to hear what you have planned… feel free to share.

Big kisses…signing off

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  1. Nothing better than finding the right home that your heart loves. It’s worth searching high and low, the right place will find you too!

  2. Thanks for the mention, Doris! I hope you take some pics of your new home (whenever you find it)! And can’t wait for Greece pics! Keep doing your thing…whatever that may be. 🙂

  3. I loved this April update, Doris! As a blogger I completely relate to you on slacking but having to take care of other things first. Blogging is a hobby for us right now so we have to make sure that our real life (school, work etc.) is together. Lol!

    It seems like you have a lot of exciting things coming up in May and I can’t wait to read about your trip to Greece. There is an internship there that I’ve always wanted to do in Thessaloniki for the A21 Campaign. Any who, I hope you and your boo have a great time and enjoy the wedding! Already looking forward to the next post. Xx

    – Kels

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