Tea Shop: Asian Wellness Review

Good Morning everyone and Happy Sipping!

Here’s the scoop

Today I am so excited to bring you a new tea post, yesterday while shopping with friends I had to make my routine stop in the Tea Shop to see what new stock they had floating about and boy was I excited to try out some new teas.

Why Asian Wellness? 

I am cleaning out my tea cabinet in search for new fresh tasting teas, since this winter has been all about heavy, bold teas and rooibos with tons of spices. Now I am ready to kick those to the side (until the colder months pop back in) and explore new tea options that satisfy my taste for new crisp and fun teas.

What’s that Brew like?

As you can see from the photos this tea has a bright yellow color, that personally has me daydreaming about yellow tulips and dandelions.

As stated on the Tea Shop website, the Asian Wellness is a green tea combined with two superfoods: Thai Aloe Vera and Spirulina and a mixed variation of tropical fruits like cactus flower, pineapple and papaya. This cup is full of “Hello Summer, How you doing!”.

Is it worth the Hype?

I think I will stick with the 100g and debate if this tea is worth stocking up this summer, since I have a small list of must try teas. However, Asian Wellness gets two thumbs up since it’s a very enjoyable cup.

Who would enjoy this tea? 

This is a very fruity, sweet and fresh blend; perfect for anyone who is ready to bring in the warmer months…with a refreshing tea. I enjoy this blend hot but I think this would make a great cold brew as well.

What does this mixture mean in the real world? A green tea packed with a high antioxidant content, with a sweet tropical taste that will transport you to relaxation 101 and really who doesn’t need that with the coming of Spring to Summer. Whether you be a working warrior who dreads that fact that we have to work while its getting nice outside. To the at home mommy or whatever your case may be…we ALL need a little bit of R&R for at least 15mins of the day. So schedule your tea time now and enjoy!

Final Thoughts

It’s Spring/Summer time and “aint nobody got time” for heavy spiced tea with milk. Lol Yes, I know…I know! I have been sticking to my guns with my Masala spiced teas but as the seasons change so does my taste buds. I too am human! My tastebuds are rooting for light, crisp fruity drinks which is right what the Tea Shop doctor has ordered for me. Plus with the Asian Wellness tea I don’t have to feel guilty or that I am cheating on my Operation Bikini… #Winning.

I was also lucky enough to get a small sample of the Spicy Strawberry and I am very excited to try that out. Sooo…keep your eyes and ears open of that review and if I will be purchasing it anytime soon. Fingers crossed to it being good, but we’ll see! What are your favourite fruit teas blends to enjoy during the spring and summer months? Help a girl out!

Peace. Love and sweet tea!

Want to get your hands on the Asian Wellness? You can find the it HERE 

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