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It was supposed to be a normal day of meetings with my executive director, preparing for next year’s intake and a bunch of other administrative tasks. However, a friendly email changed all of that in a matter of minutes. *SIDE NOTE: Isn’t it amazing how one little gesture can transform your day into the best one possible or the worst experience ever.

Today the sun was a little bit brighter…

I was contacted by a colleague at work concerning the potential opportunity to take part in the social initiative *I Femme* that she was collaborating and working on. And not to mention that my colleague is  Viet Ha Tran world-renowned artist AND photographer with honors, recognition, and publications from industries like Vogue and Vanity Fair to say the least. “Um, where do I sign up?”.

She contacted me to ask if I would be interested in being one of the participating models for the charity and anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE ME SOME PICTURES! Additionally, I had a great feeling that this would be a great opportunity to be more active in the IE Community as well as getting my feet wet in the Madrid voluntary and charity sector. Ever since elementary school, I have grown up with the idea and practice that I should always volunteer my time and assist in any type of charities be it non-profit or common good. I think volunteering shows great character in a person and humanizes that we all need help and that we can do our part to achieve a better purpose. No one is too good or above “giving back” to society!

When I first got wind of this charity I thought it was a great concept but doubted they really wanted someone like myself to work with the ever so talented Viet Ha Tran and because the shoot would take place outside of the city. However, God works in mysterious ways and another fellow colleague had recommended me to Viet Ha, which then initiated the “magic making” of me accepting this opportunity for an amazing cause.

What is I Femme?

As stated on the I FEMME website: a very brief description

I FEMME is an art photography project initiated by Vietnamese fine art photographer Viet Ha Tran and Ukrainian fashion brand SIMPLIFI´s Co-Founder and Creative Director Tetyana Kretova. With the aim of developing and nourishing girl’s talent in such countries as Vietnam, India and Nepal. 100% of the net profit from the sales of artwork and Simplifi shirts will be donated to Room to Read, based in San Francisco, which is a leading non-profit focused on girls’ education and children’s literacy in Asia and Africa.

The artwork of I FEMME, through SIMPLIFI´s symbolic white shirts and stylish regional clothing, will draw a picture of modern, independent, liberal and successful women of the 21st century who are the owners of their destiny while still maintaining their cultural identity. More information can be found on the I FEMME offical website HERE as well as on the Simplifi Shirts page.

Adding my grain of salt

I think on a daily basis we neglect the fact that many people in this world don’t have the same opportunities to achieve their higher purpose. Due to the simple fact that they may not have access or steady resources to learning facilities as we are so used to in the western worlds, and even more so if you are female. So my participation in this project was just the added cherry on the top (not for the awesome photos that I will be taking with Viet Ha) but to humble myself to do more for others… and hopefully, help these communities in a fun non-conventional way.

I am also very fortunate to work for an organization that prides itself on diversity, humanity, individuality and the advancement of females in higher positions of power. So “of course” our company (with the help of the IE Women Initiative) broadcasted the casting call for female models from IE.

But really, how could, I say “no” to a great cause that will create awareness within the community… as well as helping many women, children and little girls that will become bright powerful women. I can’t wait to show you the photos once they are published.


While you’re waiting on that, enjoy a few snippet from the actual photo shoot in an antique mansion with tons of curious antique items from original Louis Vuitton suitcase sets to antique furniture etc.  This video also mentions what the I FEMME project is all about from founders Viet Ha Tran and Tetyana Kretova along with the behind the sets action.

To read more about this charity and donate to the cause.  Please check go to the I FEMME Go Fund Me page or for specific information about the project CLICK HERE

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