Simple Life Lessons #1

*Photo courtesy of my good friend Hugo IG: juxpa

The Argument

Today, I was determined to fight this rain storm with all of my might. While waiting outside, chic plastic umbrella in hand I knew that today I would not get wet. I even dared to wear my cream off the shoulder dress from Zara and my Oxford’s Brogues because let’s be serious it hardly rains in Madrid.

Normally I never have to venture out into the real world during working hours, unless it’s to have a coffee and toast, to stretch my legs out a bit or just to clear my mind. Thus the reason for my bold outfit of choice. Additionally here in Madrid, we are overcoming our second heat wave so I had to take advantage of this slightly cooler weather. But today was different. Today, I had to visit the US Embassy, deliver documents and pick up certificates from multiple departments. I managed to arrive to work without one raindrop to greet me in the morning. To day was destined to be a good day!

The warning

While wrapping up my last tasks before venturing out into the gray morning I was warned, “Be careful, the sky is about to burst. Surely its going to rain very hard today” someone mumbled before leaving the office. However I was equipped with my handy-dandy umbrella, so no worries here. I made it effortlessly to the US Embassy while it was drizzling…I giggled to myself thinking “These Madrileños always over exaggerating everything”. Then on my departure from the embassy, I was shocked to see real rain. I am talking spring time in the Greater Pittsburgh area rain. I’m talking Sunday rain…that I dare not leave my house rain so I am going to watch a movie cuddle up on the sofa with a fleece blanket because I don’t have a care in the world rain. Yes… I was in THAT rain. Once I finally reached work wouldn’t you believe that the rain stopped. All I could do was laugh in my damp clothes and say “Thank you Madrid!” while sipping on my cappuccino with almond milk to go! *Sidenote: Yes, I am very extra!

Where the plot thickens

However it was after work where the internal struggle between pride and nature kicked in. It seems that rain is not so welcomed here in Madrid which meant delays in traffic, small rivers of waters in attempts to cross the street and dangerous street puddles all the better to splash waiting pedestrians etc. Normal city girl problems. On the eternal bus ride home I jump off on my stop that was already flooded and once again tried to fight the fact of getting wet. There were other spectators in the store and bar entrances hoping that the rain would stop so that they could finish their journey and ME…I didn’t want to wait, I wanted to go home…DRY.

The Resolution 

In a fraction of a second between seeing the other passer-byers and getting off the bus, I knew I had to stop fighting. As it was a losing battle. Internally I had to humble myself to the fact that it’s just rain. In that moment I stopped running and walked. I accepted the water in my shoes and allowed the rain to dance on my dress. I continued to walk and slowly shook off the tension, releasing the pressure of tightly holding my umbrella. I began to just look around and analyse everything and everyone around me. I must have seemed very out-of-place in the city (while raining) everyone is running, hiding and finding shelter from the wetness. Then there was me visually soaked to the bone without a care in the world, laughing. Why?

Because it’s not important if I was dry or wet. At the end of the day your clothes, shoes, hair, body, EVERYTHING will dry…But that moment will pass and you could have either enjoyed it or hated the process…In my case I have this special moment in time; A funny memory of me getting caught in the rain in Madrid and I MADE THE MOST OF IT.

Simple Life Lesson #1: Don’t fight the Rain, Get Wet!

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  1. I live in Texas so this type of heat and boat driving rain is normal to us. We were just flooded in a few days ago but I can only imagine trying to walk in it and how frustrating that may be. I get annoyed of being out in it just in a car so seriously I can’t imagine Lol. What a great outlook though on just deciding to embrace it. We could all do that with a lot of rainy day situations so to speak in our life. Instead of fighting them and trying to go against it, just go with where life is taking us and enjoy it.


    1. Kelsie 🙂 I always look forward to my readers comments and OF COURSE yours always inspire me to keep pushing through and writing about the things I love. It never ceases to amaze me when you take the content into your own life experiences and give it a greater meaning. It’s so humbling and inspiring for me. THANKS LOVE!

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