Tea Shop: Wild Peach Review

Here’s the scoop

While returning back to Pamplona, to celebrate the last days of San Fermines (the Running of the Bulls). If you are new to the running of the bulls check out my post on it HERE. I noticed that I was super dehydrated from all the heat, sun and who am I kidding drinking. I didn’t want to make a hot tea obviously but I didn’t want the character taste of a tea so I opted for a new herbal tea to “quench” my thirst.

Why Wild Peach? 

I heard about this blend from a friend at work, and I had purchased it a few month ago but never got around to actually making it. Plus, I took advantage of the fact that somehow the packed found its way into my luggage and “badda boom, badda bing” here we are.

What’s that Brew like?

As you can see from the photos this tea is packed with nothing but the goods…I am talking about white peaches, hibiscus, rosehip, apple and papaya. What an awesome mix, right? When it comes to taste this tea reminds me of the typical Snapple peach tea but without all the crap and the traditional (green, red or black) tea. This tea is perfect without any type of sweetener as the taste is fairly sweet thanks to the fruits selected. However this tea does have a bit of a tart after taste.

Plus I would even dare to say the fruit blend of this tea could be added to your yogurt and enjoyed as an added treat. I will get back to you guys on that “tid-bit” once I have tested and tried it out.

Is it worth the Hype?

I’ll put it like this; I like this Wild Peach blend for this time of the year, because temperature wise it hot and we want something refreshing, light and crisp. That is exactly what you will get from this herbal tea. I haven’t tried this tea hot, and doubt I will anytime soon. When something just works, no need to go changing and fixing it unless it’s for the best.

However, I would even dare to mix this infusion with a white tea and mint. Lately I have been drink Wild Peach as an “iced tea” and other days I mix one part infusion with two parts sprite and ice cubes and let me say it’s AMAZING I am even thinking of re-creating an alcoholic version of this Sprite infusion mix with Peach Schnapps or something similar.

Who would enjoy this tea? 

Truly anyone will enjoy this tea as this would make a great picnic iced tea mix that even the kiddos will like. Even the most trendy cosmopolitan will enjoy this tea with a bit of tonic, sprite and/or a splash of your favorite alcohol of choice. Its summer and we are all about fun and versatility. So our tea should reflect that too and don’t forget this blend is very rich in antioxidants! Can we cheers to that?

If you would be interested in purchasing this tea you can find it HERE, but if you have something similar on your side of the globe try it out, add some sprite and then let me know how it works. Would love to hear your spin on it.

Until next time happy sipping and stay cool!

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