365 days of Sincerely Doris

One Year in the Making

Exactly one year ago I was looking for new personal endeavors and debating with my Zambian bestfriend on whether I should take the leap and create a blog. *SIDENOTE: I feel everyone in the world deserve such a loving and nurturing friend like my Siobhain. She’s really a behind the scenes MVP on encouraging my passion to start a blog. Thus, I am thrilled to be celebrating my 1st-year blogiversary on our soon to come Croatia girls trip cruise.

In other news… you can STILL see I haven’t got the whole blogging thing completely down packed and maybe that’s because I just don’t feel like writing. Let me explain; I refuse that my blog will be a “force fed” writing task. I started this blog because it is something I enjoy doing. Through Sincerely Doris I want to connect with friends (be it new, old, H.S. or whatever the occasion may be…), family and the world by sharing my personal experiences and life lessons. But at one cost and that is on MY OWN TIME and when it makes me happy.

What happened?

I guess in between preparing for this year’s international trips and just listening to my readers and their great advice. Something just clicked in my head to the point that I said, “Doris stop forcing the material to come up and write about what makes you happy.” Plus the best content is when we are in our “bag”… or “feelings”…be it good, bad overwhelmed it makes for good content. At least in my case.

What has a Year of Blogging taught me?

Stop trying to be like everyone else and find your own speed, voice, and tempo: I don’t need to blog every day for people to like me, the people who are meant to read and enjoy my content will… AND that’s good enough for me right now.

You will struggle to keep your head above the water: Somewhere in between tea reviews, and daily updates I lost the fun of blogging. So much to the point that I felt like this was a stressful second job. I was looking for an outlet of self-expression to find myself in complete self-oppression, which ultimately made me want to rebel against writing.  My ultimate utopia in blogging is using my writing as a healthy enjoyable outlet for me to relate and express myself with my readers (in a timely manner) What is timely? I am still trying to figure that out.

Challenge myself to achieve more: If you know me or have read some of my personal posts you may understand that I am a very competitive person. I enjoy the feeling of being uncomfortable and conquering it. Great things come to us when we get out of our comfort zone and find comfort within it to achieve a bigger and better version of myself (or a greater purpose). Also please understand that a person can be competitive and not serve as a threat to you, your position, your personal character nor do they wish bad upon you… However, I may go into further detail about that in a future post should you guys want to hear about it.

It’s Okay to be Doris: Be authentic & un-apologetically you: I remember the first articles I wrote I felt so naked and vulnerable. I waited (and still do) normally between 30 mins to 3 days debating if I should publish my work for human consumption. Normally after the paralyzing fear of clicking the “Publish” button, I noticed I would ask friends and fellow bloggers how they perceived me and my body of work after reading my text. I always wondered “Did my voice sound authentic to my character etc? ” Fast-forward to a year later and I am still freaked out by the thought of publishing my work however it is now more of an adrenaline rush rather than fear. I guess initially I was nervous to put too much of myself in my writing as I felt I would be too intense for the Average Joe or Mary Jane, but as time goes on I noticed there are more crazy boys and gals that are in-tune to my sense of expression. Hell Yea!

Let go of fear and enjoy your vulnerability not everyone who reads your content will be a fan nor will they like what you have to say… and that’s okay. Just keep the show moving because I live for that one person who just vibes with my energy on every level and it’s that reader I want to keep coming back. Not the bunch of critics that will rip every word out of context and always see me as the (insert insult here). So haters be gone!

Stand for something, bigger than yourself: In this day and age, it is very easy and acceptable to be vain. However, it is a personal goal for me to use my portal, platform voice etc. as a means to create a better good and share my personal experiences.

Ultimately through this blog, I  aspire to empower, guide and entertain my readers through laughter and my own self-reflections. I only hope that you will stick along for the journey ahead.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Sincerely Doris and believed in me, to make it thus far. I am forever grateful. Now let’s pop this virtual champagne and Shmoney dance like there’s no tomorrow.


    1. Michele you know I adore you right! I even catch myself saying I wonder what Michele will think of this post after publishing. Thank you for always riding out this crazy wave with me. I appreciate you soo much. xoxo

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