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If you have been following through the crazy world of Sincerely Doris (IG Stories) then the I FEMME project is nothing new to you. If this is your first visit to the page…Welcome and I would recommend you check out my earlier post UPDATED: SLAY FOR CHARITIES SAKE I speaking about this project. *Plus you get to see the behind the scene action!

This November 16th was the official launch of I FEMME an art exhibition that presented its first collection of portraits with the intentions to raise funds to support the education of women under privileged. The event included tons of fun surprises from Founders Viet Ha Tran and Tetyana Kretova. Here is how they collectively explained the project:

“I FEMME is an art photography project initiated by Vietnamese fine art photographer Viet Ha Tran and Ukrainian fashion brand SIMPLIFI´s Co-Founder and Creative Director Tetyana Kretova. With the aim of developing and nourishing girl’s talent in such countries as Vietnam, India and Nepal, Viet Ha and Tetyana have decided to join forces to create this unique project. Driven by their passion for changing the world coupled with a strong interest in art and fashion, the founders wish to help changing the future for thousands of girls through financing their education.

The artwork of I FEMME, through SIMPLIFI´s symbolic white shirts and stylish regional clothing, will draw a picture of modern, independent, liberal and successful women of the 21st century who are the owners of their destiny while still maintaining their cultural identity.

The limited edition art photographs will be available to collectors through galleries, auction houses and a series of events that will be held in key capitals of the world including London, Paris, New York, Moscow, Mumbai, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and Capetown within the next two years. Together with a specially developed model of white shirt and silver IF-shaped cuff links art photographs will be sold at online platforms and All generated profit will be donated to educate girls in Asia and Africa via Room to Read Girls’ Literacy Foundation.”

Apart from this we had multiple amazing guest speakers but one in particular hit very close to home for me which was the experience of Madhumita Das, from India. She retold some of her story of victory; on how resilience, a positive attitude and hard work helped her overcome her own struggles. Topics ranging from being separated from her family, escaping the dangers in her country and how she later integrated into school. Stories like Madhumita’s show us how projects like IFEMME do directly benefit people around the world. It was a beautiful experience that shows us how a flower can grow from concrete, Madhumita is an admirable example of that! Thank you Madhumita for sharing your experience and how it can empower others to continue forward through their own trials and tribulations or to participate in more projects like I FEMME. Every bit counts! More about Madhumita’s personal life testimony can be found HERE

The exhibition will run in Madrid starting November 16th through December 16, 2017 presenting the 20 pieces of fine art photography; picturing educated women of different backgrounds in their national clothes and white shirts or through their counties national colors. Thus, the red, white and blue theme for my photos. Through the symbolic white shirts I FEMME  showcases modern, independent, liberal and successful women of the 21st century, who are the owners of their destiny while still maintaining their cultural identity. Amen!

What have you done lately?

This particular initiative speaks volumes to my soul as it contains every aspect one could love…fashion, art and diversity for the advancement of women and children. Just that should make anyone want to join however it doesn’t stop there it for these same people who do not have the resources to proper education. Knowledge is power people!

Coming for the United States where education is thought of as a requirement however charged as a luxury instead of a means for all of the community EQUALLY. I love that I too can give back economically as well as personally (with my time) to ensure that there are other people who can benefit. It has always been a big part of my life to be humanitarian and giving back in the best way I can. One does not need millions to invite someone to a coffee and chat with them, take a sandwich and hot drink to someone on the streets, volunteering in a retirement center, shelters (for the less fortunate or animals), adopting a pet. These are all small yet gigantic impacts we can do and that affects volumes in our society. Just find something that you are passionate about, good at or would like to contribute to and JUST DO IT! You are affecting and inspiring more people, animals and the community more than you know!

Should you feel compelled to support the cause, however your on a budget. You can buy an IFEMME postcard in support of girls’ education HERE or the amount that you chose via the I FEMME Facebook page HERE

Now on to the exciting part…the PICTURES I will leave a few below for your viewing enjoyment. *pictures provided in this post courtesy of the I FEMME facebook page and photographer Viet Ha Tran


  1. I am so proud of you babe. That you are contributing to a good cause and reinforcing that there should be equality in this world. Both Men and Women have the same rights. Proud of you Doris!

    1. Aww Gerson! Thank you so much for all of your positive energy. You are absolutely correct everyone no matter their sex, religion, age, races or whatever else, should be treated with the same equality and rights. We may not all be the same, but we all deserve a fighting chance for the same opportunities and rights. Love you tons!

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