IE Women in Business Conference 2017

This Tuesday, November 14th I had the pleasure of attending this year’s IE Women in Business Conference 2017 were the roaster of companies presenting was just as impressive as their female C level keynote speakers. I am talking about ladies from P&G, Pfizer, Merck, Interbrand and Coca-Cola along with very influential members of my organization. In the conference the keynote speakers informed us how their particular companies were creating more initiatives to educate more females into more male-dominated sectors, encouraging more female prone projects were there was very little representation and supplying more assistance and funding to females wanting to become entrepreneurs and creating start-ups. I think we can all agree that all of these projects are very inspiring and just the beginning steps in the right direction.

Overall I enjoyed the conference and loved the presentations, but maybe I had the wrong perception of this conference as I thought it was going to be more focused on Women Empowerment. Basically covering each women’s personal journeys to victory and how they overcame “their” sectors personal issues be it real corporate world problems that we (as women) subtly face on a day to day basis, professional experiences that may be daunting them within (or outside) the work setting etc; or how they reached the top explaining mental methods they use to fuel them to reach to these C level positions. Nevertheless, I wasn’t left disappointed as some of the speakers did take this approach in their conversations and even offered advice on how to speak to our male counterparts to have them support “the cause”.

I think on more occasions than one, we (women and a community) forget how important it is to share our knowledge and power with others to create a positive support group. It doesn’t hurt to uplift one other should they be working in the right directions. I can guarantee that no positive impact is done “in vain” and those who genuinely care and want you to succeed will “raise you up” in any ways that they can. This will even benefit you because when they shine you shine. The most important part about this is to remember to re-compensate that same positive impact in someone else’s life whether it be a co-worker, friend, the same person who did this for your, or all three. Just return the favor we all have all been there! Lastly, we also forget to share with other (females) accomplishments, talents and situations that they have overcome. Generally in fear that this will make us inferior to them or because of our own jealousies to reaching the top. It is okay to want to improve yourself just make sure it’s not at another person’s expense.

Do you do your part to help your peers, girlfriends and co-workers? How?

I actively try to help and advise anyone (who is interesting in listening) and continually make a conscious effort to push down my own insecurities in order not to portray them on others and hinder their own improvements.

Everyone is fighting their own battles that you know nothing about! -Anonymous 

Plus, there is enough space at the top for all of us! Once one person scratches through the surface it creates more space and an easier passage for those to come. It’s all about creating representation and openness to accept new changes for inequality. This isn’t a “cry me a river” for the female race but along with our hard work we deserve an equal compensation and peace of mind knowing we are the best candidate (should that be the case) to hold these higher level positions without feeling self-conscious about our abilities and how we show them to the corporate world. Plus let’s be more connected as a society to break these embedded injustices for ALL!!

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Okay now it’s your turn;  Have you ever attended any similar events or a Women’s Empowerment initiative? What was it all about and what benefits did you take away from it.

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