Doris Diaries: What’s Good Fall

Welcome December, I’ve been expecting you!

Can we just take a minute to Hip Hip Hooray for spiced teas, hot cider, scarves and sweater season? Please tell me my excitement has jumped through your screen and hugged you tightly! I am saying my last goodbyes to my ankles and neck, as they will be in hibernation for the next four to five months. I hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave.

Over the last previous weeks, we were having such an abnormally warm fall. However that all came to a screeching halt this weekend. I’m talking I had all types of cold feels and I was not here for that, but the lighting of the Christmas lights made the wait all the better. However, this is Fall in Madrid and rolling around the corner winter will be peeking its little head out and freezing all of our bums.

Up Up & Away

Time really has flown by these last few months since the last time we had this chat. How are you guys? I hope well. I am so ready to share my life with you since the last time. As many of you know I went to Croatia this summer with my dear best friend Sio and it was amazing. We didn’t do everything we wanted to but all and all we had a wonderful time and special moments that will last us another decade. I will give you the low down on that soon…I promise. *Le sigh for SUMMER you will be missed!

This fall has been all kinds of good to me! It has been my awaking from putting all my energy into my job, into being more active in clubs, finding hobbies and self-exploration. This third quarter of the year has reconnected me with old friends, helped me grow outside of myself (via social media and leaving my house) and I am here for it! I am such a homebody and when someone gets me out of the house they better be damn special or it need to be something I need in my life.

This quarter has also been filled with women empowerment with things like:

This goes onto say, not everything is perfect in my world, I miss my family and hometown friends around this holiday time of the year as they just get me, no explanations just pure Doris in her element. However, I am getting my blog back together and together we always Facetime or Skype to help me feel like I’m an active part of their lives. Thank you peeps! Plus I am finding my groove in the world and it feels AMAZING!

Please prepare yourselves for my excessive tea review because *cue my inner John Snow  Winter tea reviews are coming along with another special surprise! With that my loves, I am off into the wind! Have a great weekend!

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