Up for the Challenge

Hey beautiful people! Since I have a bit of free time and honestly because I kind of miss writing, I have decided to purpose a small challenge for myself that will be to write something every day no matter if it is something short, but to physically (or electronically) write. *SIDENOTE: Isn’t it such a beautiful craft when someone can write and actually express their feelings and sentiments through words? At least, in my opinion, it is; if someone knows how to write they can properly illustrate their personal ideas and emotions and share an experience with others.

Challenges of a “wanna be” good writer

Thus the reason I am trying to be open to all fields of writing as it seems like I tend to take writing breaks. This is mainly because sometimes it is hard for me to identify certain “feelings” and “emotions” that I am not sure if I want to share within the universe. Maybe this is a confusing concept to some, but I feel that as long as these things stay in my head then I won’t have to address the emotional sentiments that come along with it. Make sense?  Now before we start cheering for joy and getting extra excited I will be writing between here and my journal so we should see more content on the page. Who isn’t hype for that?

So enough blabber and on to the writing: I finally have gotten my writing routine down and now I just need to figure out what subjects I want to dive into *insert the thinking emoji with its hand on its chin (my favorite emoji for anyone who’s interested) ANY IDEAS on what new directions I should blog on?! I’m literally all ears.

On the free time front, I feel like I need to find a few new hobbies to nurture my creative side. I was speaking to a friend of mine who is actively taking classes in embroidery for the last few years… and just like that my interest was sparked.

So far I have told very few friends about my new obsession of embroidery, because I prefer to cherish my new interest and hobbies for myself before I share them with people in my immediate space. However, with last weeks IG story the cat is officially out of the bag.  Once I have the actual post ready about my whole embroidery experience; I’ll call you. Yes, it will be ready soon it’s already in the makes. If your a follower you know why I said that lol.

The curious world of Ms. Menard

I am so mysterious, right? One minute I am low key traveling to eastern Europe (Greece and Croatia), then back to planing social events and then BAM Victorian style art pieces. WHO ARE YOU, right?

But to my defense I am such a people person and living in the moment that I can be doing all this social and mental simulation all without posting one picture on social media. But in the “did you really do it if you don’t have a picture” society I am trying to get my game up. Half of the time I am not sure if I should be proud of being the MIA Queen or try to be more active. I think the latter. I am part of an ultra secret society were I am the only member. I KNOW I KNOW it’s a trait I am actively trying to correct; opening myself to the world but I am taking it one day at a time, so bare with me and make your voices hear. I do this for you guys and honestly enjoy your feedback!

So here’s to becoming a “not so closed” book and a future IG Baddie! It’s hard to survive in these Instagram, Facebook and Twitter streets. I need to get back on my “Social Media” grind.

Is there anyone out there in “la la land” who feels this way as well? I honestly don’t know why I am such a loner, but there are many parts of me that enjoy this independence and freedom. However there is another part that yearns to be a-part of something bigger.

Sweet nothings said to fall upon deaf ears? Who knows! With that being said have a great one peeps!


  1. Yay, you’re back!!! I’ve beeb loving the little tidbits you’ve been posting on Instagram. I’m definitely the same way when it comes to being a loner. We’ll do better one day.

    1. Aitza… HEY BOO! I am currently loving your Blogmas day reflections. You know I need to start small lol. I am still waiting for your to accomplish your number 6 (30 before 30) and come to Spain. Thanks for stopping by and I cant wait for Day 7

      1. Listen, you don’t have to tell me. This is the first year I’ve somewhat consistently blogged lol. Number 6 is happening in 2018, just waiting for the application to open!

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