Teacup: Amareto Cereza Review

Here’s the scoop

Amareto Cereza “Cherry Amaretto” by Teacup was introduced to me by my friend, Cristina. Who is also a lover of all things tea and coffee. SIDE-NOTE: I think because of her I am getting more into the coffee scene, but before you start jumping for joy I am SLOWLY jumping onto the coffee train.

I have no wish to abandon my tea addiction anytime soon!

Why Amareto Cereza? 

Let me just tell you that the smell of this tea gives me so many feels it’s ridiculous. I think it was its smell that attracted me to the Amareto Cereza as Cristina was sipping on it here at work and I instantly has to ask “What are you drinking?”. I may have even rudely taken a few sips from her cup. Then made my own, but once I had my first cup of it maybe a month or two ago. I have been drinking it nonstop. It has an intense aroma what else but wild cherry amaretto.  Honestly, you could just put this mix in some essential oils and burn it because it’s such a comforting sweet smell.

What’s that Brew like?

The ingredients in the Amareto Cereza are just as tasty as the tea itself. The roster includes pieces of apple and black cherry, hibiscus, rose hip, raisins and light amaretto aromas. I normally let this blend sit in my tea without seeping to the max out of all the flavors in this mix. Once I finish off this tea I throw the fruit into my yogurt or oatmeal for some added kick. However, on the label, it is recommended seeping this tea for 10-12mins.

Is it worth the Hype?

Ultimately I have been drinking up tons of this herbal tea *just so you have an idea I am basically on E with this brew. Amareto Cereza can be enjoyed hot however after hours of work and leaving this poor tea alone it is also satisfying as a cold tea (intentionally or not). Who’s doesn’t love full versatility in a drink? Because you won’t catch me caught dead with a cold black or red tea. EVER!! Word to my mother! Even though this tea smells very sweet it has a bit of a bitter kick to it thanks to the hibiscus and rosehip that I personally love.

Who would enjoy this tea? 

Everyone of all ages can enjoy this herbal banger of a tea. Plus, after all of this holiday gluttony, we have been indulging on its nice and necessary (at least for me) to dine on a simple herbal tea to help me relax and digest all of this rich fatty food I have been overeating on this winter. The Amareto Cereza is a strictly herbal tea that is diuretic, depurative detoxifying and rich in vitamins and minerals thanks to the fruits and herbs it contains. So let’s get rid of all of those nasty toxic liquids we have floating around our organism one cup at a time. Well, that was easy.

If you would like to try this tea.. you can find it HERE

What are you guys sipping on in the new year? 

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