My Top Fitness Holy Grails II

Welcome back guys, I hope you enjoyed part I of My Top Fitness Holy Grails since we all have probably been indulging just a little bit more than usual due to the holidays. Which makes now the perfect time to dive into the part II since we are ALL walking into 2017 on a healthy note. If you missed out on my first Holy Grail tips, feel free to check them out Here

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My Fitness Holy Grails

I often get asked how I stay so fit and if I have any tips or tricks that I could share for anyone looking to start their own health journey. I personally do not believe in prohibiting myself of anything. However, I do try to eat and do things in moderation. Here are just a few of my holy grails to fitness, staying active and being healthy!

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OCR: Farinato Race Pamplona

This is Sparta!

Today was the day…Farinato Race Pamplona. Four friends and myself decided to present ourselves as a team “Los Antonios)” to indulge in this great obstacle course race putting our physical fitness to the test, as well as creating new challenges and achievements for ourselves. The battle of Pamplona was fought between the Arga River and the city’s historial walls, resulting in an epic environment.

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