Up for the Challenge

Hey beautiful people! Since I have a bit of free time and honestly because I kind of miss writing, I have decided to purpose a small challenge for myself that will be to write something every day no matter if it is something short, but to physically (or electronically) write. *SIDENOTE: Isn’t it such a beautiful craft when someone can write and actually express their feelings and sentiments through words? At least, in my opinion, it is; if someone knows how to write they can properly illustrate their personal ideas and emotions and share an experience with others.

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Doris Diaries: What’s Good Fall

Welcome December, I’ve been expecting you!

Can we just take a minute to Hip Hip Hooray for spiced teas, hot cider, scarves and sweater season? Please tell me my excitement has jumped through your screen and hugged you tightly! I am saying my last goodbyes to my ankles and neck, as they will be in hibernation for the next four to five months. I hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave.

Over the last previous weeks,

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365 days of Sincerely Doris

One Year in the Making

Exactly one year ago I was looking for new personal endeavors and debating with my Zambian bestfriend on whether I should take the leap and create a blog. *SIDENOTE: I feel everyone in the world deserve such a loving and nurturing friend like my Siobhain. She’s really a behind the scenes MVP on encouraging my passion to start a blog. Thus, I am thrilled to be celebrating my 1st-year blogiversary on our soon to come Croatia girls trip cruise.

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The Awkward Girl: Is This Why I’m so Lonely?

The awkward lonely girl that lives inside of me. 

I have always been a social butterfly by nature it’s something that I enjoy but personally I’ve always been a loaner. I enjoy my personal space and being alone (I truly do), but sometimes I wish I had the perfect person to invade my space and understand all of my corky interests. Do you FEEL me?

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Doris Diaries: What’s Good February

It’s My Party Month!

Go Doris it’s your birthday…We gonna party like it’s YOUR BIRTHDAY!

I am thanking the lord for allowing me to see another birthday. Shout out to God for seeing me through everything and keeping me on fleek! I am so ready to start this new chapter and with this “Oh So” positive wave of events that have been showering and trickling into my personal and professional life. It’s lit!

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The City of Love

First and Foremost…Happy Valentine’s Day! I am sending you virtual kisses to get through this cliché holiday.

 But first things first… I have to confess that the deed is DONE and there is no turning back. If you are scratching your head and wondering what I am talking about check out my “What’s Good: January” post.  Back to the story, I am so happy with my decision to discover greener pastures… as I have finally decided where to go. Say WHAT!?! Yes!! I have left the urban life of Pamplona and traded it in for my cosmopolitan best friend. Want to know more?
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