My Top Fitness Holy Grails II

Welcome back guys, I hope you enjoyed part I of My Top Fitness Holy Grails since we all have probably been indulging just a little bit more than usual due to the holidays. Which makes now the perfect time to dive into the part II since we are ALL walking into 2017 on a healthy note. If you missed out on my first Holy Grail tips, feel free to check them out Here

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Sincerely Me A New Way of Life: Creating Healthy Habits

Thanks for coming back to the Sincerely Me A New Way of Life part II; Creating Healthy New Habits. Since the new year is just around the corner. If you are new to this series you will defiantly want to take a peek at my first post of creating a new and positive way of life through Changing Your Perspective. However if you have already been there and done that. I’m very happy you have returned, so let’s continue back on our way.

Without further ado, let’s go.

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The Tea Enthusiast

From the title, I imagine you can guess what today’s topic will cover. I would love to share with you something that is very near and dear to my heart. Tea! This is just an introductory letter to my beloved friend and a place for me to open up about my addiction to tea and how you too can start yours!


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The mystery of it all

I feel oh so special. Have you every gotten those butterflies in your stomach from an interesting individual? Hold up wait… I’m not talking about in a sexual way nor does it have anything to do with flirting. Just when someone sincerely cares about what you have to say and appreciates your words.

Well this is exactly what happened to me recently when a long lost friend reached out to me.

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My Fitness Holy Grails

I often get asked how I stay so fit and if I have any tips or tricks that I could share for anyone looking to start their own health journey. I personally do not believe in prohibiting myself of anything. However, I do try to eat and do things in moderation. Here are just a few of my holy grails to fitness, staying active and being healthy!

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I think in general, we as human beings, spend so much time judging and criticising ourselves. Thinking we need to be like “this” or like “that” rather than taking the time to appreciate ourselves; for who we really are and the beautiful things we can do and create.

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Believe in Yourself

Why do we always measure our success, worth and value to others accomplishments or failures? Could it be because the world is always more attractive when we see the final product? Maybe; but the truth is that most people will never start their journey because they don’t want to be seen starting at the bottom.
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